Can I watch full episodes on my phone or tablet?

Of course! New episodes become available on the day after they air on TV, plus you can watch full-season catch-ups, extras and a selection of modern classics from our archive.

Can I watch full episodes on my desktop?

Yes, right here.

Do I need a TV provider to watch full episodes?

Yes, you'll need to log in with your TV provider username and password.

Why isn't my favorite show available online?

Some shows will become available on digital platforms before a new season starts. Older shows from our archive are available on a rotating basis. Unfortunately, some shows we may not be able to make available online.

My favorite show was available online, but now it's gone.

Because of rights, syndication deals, contracts, and other boring bookkeeping stuff, certain episodes and series will expire from digital platforms. The good news: They may become available again in the future.

Why aren't there more episodes of my favorite show online?

More episodes could be on the way. For some returning shows, the full previous season will be available shortly before the new season premiere. For other shows, we may not be able to make full seasons available.

When do new episodes get added online?

For current shows, new episodes are available online the day after they air.

Are full episodes available digitally outside the U.S.?



Why do I have to sign in with my TV provider to watch certain episodes?

As part of your TV subscription package, you get access to all the full episodes on TV at no additional cost. When you sign in, you unlock additional content.

How do I sign in?

Use the username and password provided by your TV provider, which is often the same username you use to sign in to their site. The information you enter is between you and your TV provider. We don't capture or store it. We promise.

My TV provider sign-in didn't work.

Are you 100 percent sure you entered your username and password correctly? Are you 110 percent sure? You may need to contact your TV provider for a reminder or reset.

I signed in with my TV provider, and I still can't access certain episodes.

You'll have to contact your TV provider and ask for help. There may be a problem with your username, password, or account.

My TV provider isn't listed.

Hold tight. We're working hard to get all providers to participate.

Why am I being asked to sign in again?

Your TV provider may periodically ask you to re-verify your sign-in information. The process is quick and painless.

Can I sign in to multiple devices?

Sure. You can watch full episodes on your computer, phone, and tablet. We're everywhere you are, in the least creepy way possible.

Can I share my TV provider credentials?

Your TV provider username and password are often the same credentials you use to access your TV provider account. Unless you think your friends are going to pay your bill for you, we wouldn't recommend it.

I'm having another problem with signing in.

Sorry about that. Contact us at TV Land SIte Support for the TV Land site. Be sure to tell us what device, browser, operating system and TV provider you're using.

I'm having a problem with ads loading while I'm watching a video.

Contact TV Land SIte Support . Be sure to let us know what device, browser, and operating system you were using when you experienced the problem, and which videos weren't working for you.

How do I turn closed captions on or off? How do I change caption display?

See that little "CC" in the bottom corner of the video? Click on that (or, on mobile, tap on it). Select "on" or "off," and then "ok."


How can I find out what's on TV Land right now, or what's going to be on later?

Check the TV Land TV schedule. It'll show you what's on now, and you can search for upcoming air times for your favorite shows.

Are TV Land shows closed-captioned?

All of our on-air programming is closed-captioned. On digital platforms, all full episodes and movies are captioned.

My favorite show isn't on the air anymore. What happened?

We try to let you know as soon as possible when a show is going to return. Here's the list of current and recent TV Land shows. We don't always have an exact date for a show's return, but each show's page will tell you as much as we know. If a show is not returning, you can still watch its available videos on

I have another question or comment about on-air programming.

Send us a message to


This FAQ is epic, but I have a question or issue that hasn't been addressed here. What do I do?

First of all, don't panic. We'll figure it out together. Send us an email to Please provide as much information as you can, including what device, browser and operating system you're using, if it's a technical issue.