Gilligan's Island: Smile, Your on Mars Camera

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A satellite bound for Mars lands on the island. The castaways devise a plan to use the satellite to get rescued.

Do you'll hear what I hear?Let's take our positions.

Wait a minute folks.I hear what you hear.

But it's not comingfrom the camera.

It's comingfrom over there.

Gilligan, what did you do?

Nothing, I covered the potto keep it from getting dirty.

You know what happens when youcover a boiling pot with a lid.

No, what?





George, it's all go now,from this end.

Let's try it again.


It's working, George.

It's working.We did it!

Yes, I can see the hutand the palm trees.

But I don't seeany sign of life.

Let's try a wider angleon the lens.

(Bancroft)'Look! Look!'

We've proved it, John.

There's life on Mars.

(John)'Yes. And what life.'

Chicken people.

They seemed to behalf human and half bird.

Look, they're pluckingtheir feathers off themselves.

(Mr. Howell)'What were all thosefeathers doing in the hut?'

(Mary Ann)'We'll never getthese feathers off'.

We'll just have towait for the molting season.

Gilligan, why don't yousit down and stay there?

What's that big bird mandoing to that little bird man?

Well, I can'tbe sure, George.

But I think he's tryingto force him to lay an egg.