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Betty White attempts to create her own cooking show. Watch Betty White reunite with the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show Wednesday, September 4th at 10/9C on TV Land!

So exciting to meet you.

I'm Steve.

>> Betty: Well, it's wonderful

to meet you, Steve.

>> I understand you wanna do,

um, a cooking show in the style

of what you did on The Mary

Tyler Moore Show, as Sue Ann

Nivens, and, um--

>> Betty: Yes, and you know,

Steve, I've done all kinds of

television shows.

I mean, game shows, and talk

shows, and sitcoms, but a

cooking show...

I don't have the foggiest


>> To suddenly find out that she

actually doesn't know how to

cook is a bit of a shocker.

>> Betty: I don't go into

the kitchen much.

I go in the kitchen to feed the


>> I think the thing you have to

think about first of all is the

nature of the show, and you

know, what you're gonna do.

Am I doing a holiday special?

Am I doing barbeque?

>> Betty: When Steve was talking

to me about the various kinds

of shows...

>> Is it something that's got

this sort of big flair like Iron


>> Betty: I swear there were 142

shows that he was talking about.

>> You know, you wanna create

food that has mouth-watering


You want people to wanna reach

through their monitor and grab

that food.

>> Betty: Yes, yes.

>> And more important is that

they just need to connect with

you, the host of the show.

It's a very intimate

relationship, you know?

>> Betty: Intimate?

I like that, Steve.

[Steve laughs]

I was hitting on Steve, who's

very hit-on-able, and then

suddenly I realized, "No, no,

no, this isn't Sue Ann.

This is Betty."


This is perfect.

When Steve brought me into the

kitchen set, it was great to see

this big space.

I love an island.

>> It's got the island.

It's got all these modern


>> Betty: It's just wonderful.

What's this?

The dishwasher?

>> This is the refrigerator.


>> Betty: Oh, I'm gonna need


>> Betty's gonna be in really

good hands with one of the top

guns in the world of culinary


This is Denise Vivaldo.

>> Betty: Hello.

>> My name's Denise Vivaldo.

And I'm a food stylist and

culinary producer.

>> Her assistant Cindy.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> Betty: Oh, Cindy,

I bet you're the one

that does all the real work.

When Denise came out, it was

sort of an instant rapport.

>> And you love to cook, Betty?

>> Betty: Well, I hate cooking.

The only thing I can cook is a

fried bologna and peanut-butter


[awkward silence]GG

>> Maybe it'd be best to not

mention that again.

>> Betty: I don't hate cooking.

I like other people who are

cooking; that kind of cooking is


>> Betty, we're gonna start with


>> Betty: Oh.

>> They're an aphrodisiac.

>> I know.

>> Oh, when was the last time

you shucked?

>> Betty: I beg your pardon?

>> I'm talking about oysters.

>> Betty: Oh.

It's been a long time.

>> Okay.

>> Betty: Shucking an oyster,

I don't wake up

at 4:00 in the morning and

think, "Ooh, I wish I could

shuck an oyster."

>> Okay, now be careful.

>> Betty: So I was fascinated

I could live all these years

and not know about that.

I think I'm getting it.

>> Oh, you're gonna hear the


There you go.

>> Betty: There's the pop.

>> There's the pop.

And the most important part, you

always wanna garnish with fresh


There you go.

You've got it now.

If I leave you with the oysters,

you'll only have to shuck a

couple of dozen.

>> Betty: Oh, fine, yeah.

I'll do the rest of those.

>> We're going to move on.

Now, we have our fish.

Un popiote.

This is striped bass.

And we're going to wrap it in

parchment paper.

Just pour a little wine on top.

And there's gonna be one more


We're gonna blow a little air

into our paper.

>> Betty: The chef blows?

>> Yes.

>> Betty: Oh, isn't that


I didn't realize the chef blew

into it to blow it up.

That turned me off a little.

>> I know you're feeling so

confident, so I'm just gonna go

and help Cindy with a couple of

things in the back.

>> Betty: Don't go too far.

>> Okay, bye-bye.

>> Betty: Bye-bye.


I've never been much of a fish


I just don't care that much for


I love them when they're

swimming around.

You gotta have the wine.


Okay, now we do this.

Oh, this is disgusting.


>> Are you okay, Betty?

>> Betty: Oh, fine.

I think I've got it.


>> Hey, Betty, big day.

>> Betty: Oh, Steve,

I am so nervous,

I could scream.

The most you can do is then go

in and try to just take your

best shot and do it your way.

>> Okay, here we go.

Quiet please.

>> Betty, ready?

>> Speeding.

And action!

>> Betty: Hello, I'm Betty

White, and welcome to my


You know, the one thing

that never goes out of style is

romance, so our theme today is

rediscovering that special

person through the art of food.

Since the dawn of time oysters

have been known as an


You hear people say the world is

your oyster.

But if you don't know how to

actually prepare an oyster, the

world could be a tough place to

live in.

So let's get the oyster out in

the open, shall we?

You begin what you call the

shucking process.

>> Yeah, I think she's great.

>> She looks good in the


She looks very natural.

>> So many people, they're

nervous about the camera, and

they're nervous about cooking.

But since Betty is at home in

front of the camera, she is the

consummate professional.

She's fun.

>> Betty: And, mm,

can't you just tell

good oysters smell like the


>> I had no concerns at all.

>> Betty: Bad oysters smell--

well, we won't go there.

I did the best I could, and I

was having a good time.

And then don't forget you want

some cut fresh lemons to garnish

that platter.


I was winging it.

I was panicky.


But with all these props--if

they were puppies, I would have

been in hog heaven, but it was

food lying there with me

supposed to do something to it.

Let's start with a simple fish


And we're gonna put this in one

of these cute little

heart-shaped paper bags.

>> I think she's making it look

like anyone can make it at home.

>> Right.

>> Betty: A little bit of wine.

Then we're gonna fold up this


I tried to play their game as

much as I could.

Then you're gonna love the next

touch, it's with--I blow into

the bag to blow it up.

Then finally I got up to here,

and said, "Look, this isn't me."


>> Why is she stopping?

>> Betty: This is The Betty

White Show, right?

Well, I'm gonna show you

something I really can cook.

>> Where's she going?

>> Betty: By choice I don't

cook, but there's one thing that

I'm hooked on.

This is regular bologna, and you

wanna put it on the frying pan.

And that just kind of heats it


One day, years--100 years ago--

I put slices of bologna on a

frying pan, and then you take

some toast and peanut butter.

You gotta have peanut butter.

And of course peanut butter, I

could eat peanut butter on this


It would make the chair taste


Ooh, and you can enjoy just

putting it on there.

Doesn't that feel good?

It's been almost a lifelong

thing, and I wish I could tell

you where it started, but I know

it hasn't finished.

Then you put some lettuce.

This is so good.

I call it, "One of those


That's the name of it.

That is really one good



That was a tough experience.


>> Great, Betty, fantastic.


>> Betty: Oh, I thought I was


>> You were wonderful.

>> Betty: This whole idea is a

new experience for me, and one

that I never thought I'd

get around to.

It was interesting to do things

that I never thought of doing.

And as far as the overall, Betty

White trying to do what Sue Ann

Nivens did in the cooking

department, I had a ball because

it's the nicest group of people

in the world to work with.

And wherever I turned, each and

every one of them was so


I figure I've made a lot of good

new friends today and actually

learned something.

If you'd like my recipe from

today's show, here it is.

Take two or three slices of

bologna, fry it in the skillet

for three minutes.

Take your favorite type of

lettuce, two slices of lightly

toasted bread, and a generous

helping of peanut butter.

I prefer creamy, but it's up to


This is The Betty White Show.

See you again.