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Younger: Season 2 First Look

The cast of Younger dishes on season 2 with behind the scenes interviews and exclusive new clips from the show! (39:20)

Younger: #DONTJUDGE Season 1 Marathon

Catch up on EVERY EPISODE of Younger Season 1 during the Younger #DONTJUDGE Marathon Friday night starting at 11/10C! (39:20)

Younger: Vote For Hilary!

Hilary Duff is a nominee for the People's Choice Awards Favorite Cable TV Actress for her role as Kelsey on Younger! Click VOTE.PEOPLESCHOICE.COM to Vote for Hilary! (39:20)

Younger: We're Back!

Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff and the rest of the Younger cast are pumped that Younger Season 2 is in now in production in New York City! Younger Season 2 starts in January on TV Land! (39:20)

Teachers: Coming to TV Land January 2016

Watch the comedy darlings, The Katydids, star in “Teachers,” Executive Produced by Alison Brie, Ian Roberts and Jay Martel. Coming to TV Land January 2016! (39:20)

Instant Mom: Identity Crisis

Catch back-to-back episodes of Instant Mom SATURDAY at 8/7c on TV Land! (39:20)

Instant Mom: The Last Chapter

Charlie and Stephanie resort to desperate measures when Stephanie bans their favorite mystery novel. (39:20)

Instant Mom: Rocks, Paper, Scissors

Aaron challenges James' rock, paper, scissor dominance in a heated contest. (39:20)

Instant Mom: Like a Good Neighbor

Aaron and James learn an important lesson when Stephanie offers to help their neighbor move his toolbox. (39:20)

Instant Mom: I'm Better than this.

Stepahnie's laid-back parenting approach backfires when James pulls the ultimate prank on Gabby. (39:20)

Instant Mom: Gotta Go Gotta Go!

Aaron helps Maggie confront her fear of public restrooms with an interesting technique. (39:20)

Maggie's Seeing a New Guy

Maggie introduces her new 25 year-old boyfriend to Gabby and Stephanie. (39:20)

Impastor: Stay Connected

Stay connected on Impastor and be the first to see updates and news from the upcoming new season on Facebook. (39:20)

Impastor: Russell's House

Buddy delights Russell with a surprise visit to search for Pastor Barlow's passport that Russell may unwittingly possess. (39:20)

Impastor: Alden's Got Moves!

Alden meets Ashlee for a second secret date and shows her his best moves! (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: America's Sweetheart

Jim poses for a picture with a fan while holding a gigantic Bible. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: From A Father To A Father

Jim gets the super star treatment from Father Nick who's absolutely gushing over Jim's appearance on the cover of "Time Out New York" magazine. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: It's A Car Wreck!

Jim and Dave critique each other's comedy after Dave's questionable performance at the Gotham Comedy Club. (39:20)

Impastor: Pastor Barlow Is The Best!

Buddy poses as a custodian and throws the real Pastor Barlow under the bus to avoid suspiscion when he meets the Fenwicks, a wealthy family that Ladner Trinity Lutheran Church would like to recruit into the congregartion. (39:20)

Impastor: Alden & Ashlee

Alden and Ashlee finally meet again after their chance encounter at the coffee shop. During their tryst in the park, Ashlee reveals that she works in "hospitality." (39:20)

Impastor: Bestow This Gift

Buddy gets out of a jam with the young blackmailer demanding to get up close and personal with Dora on Reformation Day. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Dave's Party

Jim attends Dave's birthday party and runs into a load of other comedians while he's there. (39:20)

Impastor: The Baptism

Buddy takes Kenny out to Shepherd Lake. (39:20)

Impastor: Dora's Silver Secret

Alden activates Dora's "Silver Secret" during a book club meeting. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Is That Who I Think It Is?

After helping Dave out of a jam, Jim notices that a coffee shop barista looks strangely familiar. (39:20)

Impastor: The Wrong Pastor

Buddy confronts Alexa's criminal ex-boyfriend, Kenny and shows what happens when you mess with the wrong pastor. (39:20)

Impastor: Dora Comes Out Of Her Shell

Dora let's her hair down on the dance floor during a night out with Russell until she is interrupted by a concerned party-goer. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Heart To Heart

Daniel's father, Art takes Jim, Jeannie and Daniel out for dinner and drinks. (39:20)

Impastor: Adorable Notions

Alexa shares the spotlight with Dora at her big fashion event! (39:20)

Impastor: Old Blue Eyes

Alden is smitten after a chance encounter with Ashlee who tells him he has the bluest eyes she's ever seen. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Room Service

Daniel is trapped in the bathroom of Jim's hotel room at the plaza while Jim is having room service delivered. (39:20)

Impastor: Pastor Buddy

Buddy taps his inner TV Evangelist as inspiration to deliver his first sermon at Ladner Trinity Lutheran Church. (39:20)

Impastor: Wake Up Call

Dora catches Buddy having relations during her morning check-in at his house. (39:20)

The Gaffigan Show: Watch It Now!

Missed an episode of the Jim Gaffigan Show? Check your local provider to watch it on Video On Demand or watch FREE full episodes on TVLAND.COM! (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Party Crashers

Jim and Dave are the worst guests ever at a children's birthday party! (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Uncle Dave

After a nap on a park bench, "Uncle Dave" puts the moves on guests at a children's birthday party. (39:20)

Impastor Highlight: One More Chance

Buddy ends up in a tight spot when the bad guys track him down in Ladner and take him for a ride in the trunk of their car. (39:20)

Buddy is on the hot seat when Russell invites him to a wild party! (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Jim's Consultation

Jim's family, friends and THEIR friends show up for his vasectomy consultation. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Little Swinglickers

Dave and Daniel have some trouble watching the Gaffigan kids at the park. (39:20)

Impastor: A Model Son

Buddy gets to the bottom of the cantaloupe issue with Jasper. (39:20)

Impastor: Just The Facts Ma'am

Two police officers discuss Buddy's disappearance with LeeAnne. (39:20)

The New TV Land - Summer 2015

Take a look at the new TV Land! This summer the premieres The Jim Gaffigan Show and Impastor, the return of The Exes and new acquired series like New Adventures of Old Christine and How I Met Your Mother. (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Official Trailer - WEDNESDAYS at 10/9C

Inspired by Jim Gaffigan’s real life, The Jim Gaffigan Show explores one man's struggle to find a balance between fatherhood, stand-up comedy and an insatiable appetite. With Ashley Williams, Adam Goldberg and Michael Ian Black. (39:20)

Impastor: Official Trailer - WEDNESDAYS at 10:30/9:30C

Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum), a slacker on the run from a loan shark, steals a man's identity and ends up posing as a small town's new gay pastor. With Sara Rue, Mircea Monroe, Mike Kosinski and David Rasche. Follow @ImpastorTV on Twitter for news from the set in Vancouver, BC (39:20)

Younger Highlight: The Walrus

After Bjornberg refuses to break off their affair, Kelsey takes matters into her own hands. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Mrs. Bjornberg

Liza gets WAY more than she bargained for during lunch with Mrs Bjornberg. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Is He Looking?

Diana plots to put the moves on Charles during a literary awards ceremony (39:20)

Younger Highlight: A Sketchy Craigslist Side Biz

When Liza needs to make some extra cash, Lauren convinces her turn to Craigslist for easy money. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Pumpkin

Josh overhears Liza talking to her daughter and gets suspiscious. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Swedish Fish

After disagreeing about his book promotion, Diana and Bjornberg shake hands in Kelsey's office. (39:20)

The Soul Man Highlight: Tell It Like It Isn’t

Boyce goes to extreme measures to make sure his father never finds out about a secret he’s been keeping. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Cleavage Wrinkle

Liza worries that Josh will discover her secret during sex. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Bjornberg

Kelsey tries to convince Bjornberg to be his book publisher. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Liza's Ex

Liza finds her ex-husband packing all her belongings into a moving van. (39:20)

Younger Highlight: Diana's Purse

Diana shows Liza her Judith Leiber purse and asks her to take a few profile pictures of her. (39:20)

The Soul Man: Boyce's Hidden Camera

After Lolli suspects she was wrongfully accused of shoplifting because of the color of her skin, Boyce takes a hidden camera to the store to catch the security guard in the act. (39:20)

The Soul Man: Boyce and Lolli Want Answers

After Boyce and Lolli are wrongfully accused of stealing at a store, they suspect it was because of the color of their skin. (39:20)

The Soul Man Highlight: Shopping While Black

When Boyce and Lolli are accused of stealing when shopping at a high-end store, they demand to speak to the owner. (39:20)

The Soul Man Highlight: Boyce Puts On A Show

When Boyce finds himself having to attend too many funerals, he reaches out to a younger congregation. (39:20)

Younger: Every Tuesday at 10 Starting March 31

Fall in love with New York all over again. Don’t miss Younger coming March 31st, 2015 at 10/9C on TV Land! (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show Sneak Peek – Ashley Williams

Meet Jeannie Gaffigan (Ashley Williams) Jim's (Jim Gaffigan) wife. Jeannie is on a mission to find the perfect New York apartment for their family, and it's a mission she's been on for a very long time. The Jim Gaffigan Show starts July 15th at 10p! (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show Sneak Peek - Adam Goldberg

Meet Dave (Adam Goldberg) Jim's best friend and comedy pal. Dave doesn't have any kids. Dave will go along with Jim to the park with the kids, he just won't stand too close to them. The Jim Gaffigan Show starts July 15th at 10p! (39:20)

The Jim Gaffigan Show Sneak Peek - Michael Ian Black

Meet Daniel (Michael Ian Black). He's Jeannie's ex-boyfriend turned gay BFF. He doesn't think Jim will ever be good enough for Jeannie, no matter how many kids they have. The Jim Gaffigan Show starts July 15th at 10p! (39:20)

Younger: Darren Star on Sex And The City

Darren Star, creator of Sex And The City, talks about his new show Younger, Sex And The City, and his love affair with New York. Catch Younger March 31st, 2015 at 10/9C on TV Land! (39:20)

Younger: Styled by Patricia Field

Younger creator Darren Star, along with Younger stars Sutton Foster and Miriam Shor, discuss the passion behind the fashion, Patricia Field. Don't miss any of the looks by watching Younger March 31st, 2015 at 10/9C on TV Land! (39:20)

Younger: A New York Tale

The cast of "Younger" talks about the role New York City plays in the story. Coming to TV Land on March 31st, 2015 at 10/9C! (39:20)

Younger: Hilary Duff Interview

Younger stars Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, Miriam Shor and Nico Tortorella. Coming to TV Land on March 31st, 2015! (39:20)

Younger: Sutton Foster Behind The Scenes

Sutton Foster discusses her role as Liza on "Younger" coming to TV Land on March 31st, 2015 at 10/9C! (39:20)

Latest Video Updates

4 hours ago
The cast of Younger dishes on season 2 with behind the scenes interviews and exclusive new clips from the show!

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Nico Tortorella's (Josh) guilty pleasure is gambling! Cath the Younger #DONTJUDGE Marathon Friday at 11P

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Debi Mazar's (Maggie) guilty pleasure is a holiday margarita! The Younger #DONTJUDGE Marathon starts Friday at 11P

Younger: Guilty Pleasure - For Fun

Miriam Shor (Diana) reveals that you don;t have to feel guilty if it's for fun! Watch the Younger #DONTJUDGE Marathon Fridat starting at 11P!

Younger: Guilty Pleasure - Binge

Sutton Foster (Liza) likes to binge! You can binge watch Younger Season 1 during the #DONTJUDGE Marathon Friday starting at 11P!

Younger: Guilty Pleasure - Turkey Pie

Hilary Duff's (Kelsey) guilty pleasure is a down home family recipe! Watch the Younger #DONTJUDGE Marathon Friday starting at 11P!

Teachers: Thanksgiving Turkey

Good luck looking at a turkey the same way again. Don’t miss Teachers premiere January 13 on TV Land.

Teachers: Cat

Great save! Watch Teachers premiere January 13 on TV Land.