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Friends: Life's Big Questions - Tonight At 11/10c!

Could this BE any more exciting?! Friends starts TONIGHT at 11/10c! (48:38)

The Exes: Holly Week - All This Week

It's Holly Week on The Exes! Catch the funniest Holly moments on TV Land weeknights 10/9C. (48:38)

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Friends: Hold Me Close Young Tony Danza

Ross, Rachel and Phoebe discuss the most romantic song ever. (25:00)

Friends: Smelly Cat

Phoebe is jamming with her ex-partner Leslie and belts out smelly cat. Leslie thinks Smelly Cat can go places, and Phoebe is not so sure. (29:00)

Hot In Cleveland: Preorder Season 5 on DVD today!

Season 5 is now available for preorder at (48:38)

TV Land Pays Tribute to the Ohio State Marching Band

We want to thank Ohio State University's Marching band for their amazing tribute performance. (48:38)

Critics Rave About "Hot in Cleveland"

Watch the show everyone's talking about today! (48:38)

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: The Bachelor

The ladies are on their annual "Birthdates" when things go as disastrous as expected. (48:38)

Candid Camera Highlight: Shopping In Carts

Customers at a supermarket get upset when our actor takes items out of thier shopping carts. (48:38)

TV Land Remembers Joan Rivers

From comedy clubs and late night, to home shopping and the red carpet, she could talk. The daughter of Russian immigrants, she rose to the top of the male-dominated world of stand up comedy, became the first permanent guest host of the Tonight Show, and went on to star in several shows of her own. With an unmistakable voice, she had the courage to say what the rest of us were thinking. (30:00)

Hot in Cleveland: Joan Rivers Plays Betty White's Sister

Elka's estranged sister, played by Joan Rivers, stops by to rekindle their relationship. (48:38)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Don Elka

Simon does whatever it takes to win back his place in Joy’s heart, even if that means pretending to be someone else. (48:38)

Candid Camera Highlight: Shrunken Money

When customers pick up their dry cleaning, they are pleasantly surprised to find out that there was money found in their clothes. There’s only one problem; the money shrunk. (48:38)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Win Win

When Victoria finally wins an Oscar, things don't go as she dreamed it would. (48:38)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Mystery Date Oscar Edition

Joy and Melanie become rivals when Victoria can only take one of them to the Oscars. (48:38)

Candid Camera Highlight: Giant Backpack

An oblivious backpacker frustrates the citizens of Chicago. (48:38)

Candid Camera Highlight: World's Worst Tattoo

Carnie Wilson (Wilson Phillips) plays a hilariously nervous tattoo artist. (48:38)

Candid Camera Highlight: Drone Disaster

See what happens when drones deliver the mail. (48:38)

Candid Camera Highlight: Dunking Doughnuts

What would you do if a stranger dunked his doughnuts in your coffee? (48:38)

Hot In Cleveland Highlight: The Italian Job

When Melanie gets her new cohost, Frankie (Will Sasso), kicked out of his house, he invites himself into the ladies’ home. (48:38)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Jennifer's Song


Hot In Cleveland Highlight: Strange Bedfellows

The ladies begin to question Elka's sanity when she starts to act like she's on "The House of Cards." (48:38)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Everybody Loves Adam

When Stephanie begins to choke, someone unlikely saves the day. (48:38)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Animated Episode

When the ladies ask for eternal youth and beauty, Elka shows them the way. (48:38)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Dads and Dogs

Things get interesting when Gretchen's father finds her boyfriend sneaking into her window. (48:38)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Straight Outta Cleveland

Victoria's son, Tony (Chris Colfer), reveals a secret he's been keeping from his mother. (48:38)

Hot in Cleveland After The Show: Chris Colfer

Glee star Chris Colfer talks about how he developed his amazing acting career. (48:38)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Three Dates With My Mother

Jennifer tries to get her mother, Maggie, to open up by seeing a Psychiatrist. But Maggie won't put her guard down without a fight. (48:38)

Desi Joins TV Land’s Leila Sbitani for a Night Out in New York City

See Where Leila Sbitani Goes Late At Night in NYC (48:39)


Hot In Cleveland Highlight: Auction Heroes

When Baz bids on Joy, Mitch steps up to the plate. (48:39)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: School Trouble

When Gretchen gets in trouble at school, Jennifer has to meet with Mr. Whitehorn, the same principal she had when she was in high school. (48:39)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Playmates

Joy, Melanie and Victoria hear about a new play written by Elka in the paper. But to their surprise, it's about them. (48:39)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Staycation

When Dina finds Gretchen drinking alcohol, Gretchen has some serious explaining to do. (48:39)

The Soul Man: Own Season 1 on DVD Today!

Watch all the laughs from The Soul Man Season 1! Order it today! (48:39)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: People Feeding People

When Melanie reveals Ross Barkley's (Chevy Chase) big secret to the ladies, Elka uses it to her advantage. (48:39)

Hot In Cleveland Blooper: Murder House

Rob Schneider gives lap dances to the ladies when they flub their lines. (48:39)

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: I Just Met The Man I'm Going To Marry

The man Joy's in love with only has eyes for Melanie, while Victoria tries to steal a suitcase potentially containing the identities of the Oscar nominees. (48:39)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Virginity Thief

Jennifer and Dina discover they lost their virginity to the same guy... on the same day. (48:39)

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Triangle

When Dina and Jennifer spot a hot new guy at the bar, Jennifer does more than approach him. (48:39)

TV Land Studios: Jaime Pressly Gets A Speeding Ticket

Jaime Pressly gets a ticket when she doesn't follow the speed limit on The Lot. (30:00)

TV Land Originals: Since 2010

Join us Wednesday nights for TV Land Original Sitcoms. The stars you know and love from old sitcoms, in new sitcoms! Laugh More! (00:30)

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Could this BE any more exciting?! Friends starts TONIGHT at 11/10c!

Family Feud - Viagra

Steve Harvey learns a lot about the Millsaps family, maybe too much. Watch Family Feud on TV Land weeknights at 8/7c starting September 29th!

Family Feud: Buried Items

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September 24, 2014
The Exes
It's Holly Week on The Exes! Catch the funniest Holly moments on TV Land weeknights 10/9C.
September 24, 2014
Candid Camera
When free samples of chocolate Herring are set out at a candy store, customers can't help themselves.
September 23, 2014
Hot in Cleveland
Season 5 is now available for preorder at

Friends: Theme Song

Great theme song? Or greatest theme song? Watch Friends on TV Land Weeknights at 11/10c starting September 29th!

Friends: Hold Me Close Young Tony Danza

Ross, Rachel and Phoebe discuss the most romantic song ever.

Friends: Smelly Cat

Phoebe is jamming with her ex-partner Leslie and belts out smelly cat. Leslie thinks Smelly Cat can go places, and Phoebe is not so sure.
September 18, 2014
Younger stars Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff and Debi Mazar. Watch the series premiere this January 2015 on TV Land!
September 17, 2014
Candid Camera
Customers are confused when a candy vending machine dispenses vegetables.
September 17, 2014
The Exes
The new season of The Exes: Now with 100% more hipsters! Premieres NOV 5!
September 16, 2014
The Cosby Show
The funniest moments from all eight hilarious years of The Cosby Show!

The Cosby Show: Pregnant Men - Part 1

Cliff dreams that the eruption of a volcano in Peru has sent spores into the drinking water and caused men to become pregnant.

The Cosby Show: Pregnant Men - Part 2

The Huxtable men all share one thing in common: morning sickness.

The Cosby Show: Monopoly Money

Theo wants to skip college and get a job like "regular people", so Cliff gives him an economics lesson with monopoly money.
September 12, 2014
The Exes
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September 11, 2014
The Cosby Show
Cliff and Claire have their own prom in the living room.