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The Jim Gaffigan Show: Aren’t you the guy who…

Jim and Adam discuss how humiliating auditioning can be.

The Jim Gaffigan Show: The Audition

Jim goes in for the role he was apparently born to play.

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Sunday on "The List"

Jim faces a harsh reality on where he stands in public perception and undertakes a quest to regain his position. Watch it Sunday at 10/9C!

The Soul Man: The Best Time of Our Lives

Take a look back at the final season of The Soul Man!

The Soul Man: Ugly Crier

Boyce gets a little emotional when Barton sneaks out of the hospital to vote.

Lopez: Comedy Comes From Pain

George Lopez struggles during rehearsal for his Vegas act.

Lopez: George Gets vegas

George Lopez seals the deal for his Vegas act and finally reveals the truth about "the kidney."

The Jim Gaffigan Show: The Game Winning Goal

Jim Gaffigan has still got it, but maybe just a little too much of it.

The Jim Gaffigan Show: The People Vs. Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is being tried in the court of public opinion and must save himself with his closing statement.

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Keep Dad Busy Tonight

Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate tonight with two new episodes of The Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land at 10/9c. If not for yourself, for the sake of Jim’s kids.
June 16, 2016
George Lopez proves he's the real deal by recalling a moment from one of his old shows.

The Soul Man: The 3%

When Boyce finds out that a third candidate is taking up 3% of the vote in a close race, he comes up with a plan.

The Soul Man: At The Dentist

While waking up from anesthetics at the dentist, Boyce unknowingly convinces his opponent to drop out of the race.

The Soul Man: Second Thoughts

Lolli gets second thoughts about Boyce winning the election.
June 14, 2016
100 Best Places
Andrea heads to New Orleans and earns some major freaked out flyer miles as she pilots a plane for the very first time. She believes she can fly, and she does! But the Big Easy quickly becomes the Big Queasy as she battles nerves, unexpected turbulence, and the urge to return her seat back and tray table to their original upright position.
June 3, 2016
The Jim Gaffigan Show
Jim Gaffigan on Nickelodeon's hit cartoon, Paw Patrol. Season 2 of The Jim Gaffigan show is not animated, but it will be premiering Father's Day at 10/9c on TV Land.
June 2, 2016
George pitches a new detective show starring himself as George Sanchez P.I.

The Soul Man: The Garbage Crisis

Mayor Saxby blames Boyce after the sanitation union stops picking up the trash in St. Louis.

The Soul Man: Conspiracy

Boyce confronts Mayor Saxby about the garbage strike only to discover a garbage conspiracy.
May 26, 2016
George meets with his not so diverse writers for his roast.

The Soul Man: Wake Up Call

Boyce and Lolli wake up to jackhammers and chainsaws and decide that Mayor Saxby is to blame.

The Soul Man: Garbage Day

Lolli is not happy when the garbage men don't pick up her trash.
May 19, 2016
George and Manolo discuss who can replace Maranzio as George's opening act.

The Soul Man: Saxby Likes Pony Play

Boyce sees for himself that Saxby’s definitely got some skeletons in his closet.

The Soul Man: Boyce Takes The Highroad

When Alicia discovers some dirt on Saxby, Boyce doesn’t want to hear it.