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Three's Company

Triangle Troubles

Episode: 054 | Aired: May 15, 1979

Jack has a new, old-fashioned girlfriend, but is worried that she may not understand his living situation.

Moving On

Episode: 052 | Aired: March 13, 1979

With the building sold, Helen urges Stanley to move into the swinging townhouse complex next door, but he's not keen on the idea, especially after he overhears the realtor bad-mouthing him and Helen.

The Bake-Off

Episode: 050 | Aired: February 27, 1979

Chrissy mistakenly eats a pie Jack has prepared for a local bake-off. To avoid being caught, she tries to pass off a bakery pie as his pie.

The Harder They Fall

Episode: 049 | Aired: February 20, 1979

Janet has plans for a romantic evening alone with her new date, until she discovers Jack there with a broken leg.

The Best Laid Plans

Episode: 048 | Aired: February 13, 1979

Seems Jack has forgotten that saying about the best laid plans when he "volunteers" to share the room with Chrissy after Janet is driven out by a pesky mouse.

The Catered Affair

Episode: 047 | Aired: February 06, 1979

Jack's big break (a corporate catering job for Chrissy's employer) turns into a bad break for Chrissy when he tries to keep the company VIP from putting the moves on her.

Stanley's Hotline

Episode: 046 | Aired: January 30, 1979

An eavesdropping Mr. Roper thinks that Chrissy is pregnant when he overhears a conversation via a pipe that connects the two apartments.

The Older Woman

Episode: 045 | Aired: January 16, 1979

Jack's dating an older woman. The girls assume it's Roper's sexagenarian aunt when the aunt shows up at their door with Jack's swimming trunks in hand.

Eleanor's Return

Episode: 044 | Aired: December 12, 1978

Old roommate Eleanor shows up unexpectedly and Chrissy and Janet greet her with open arms. Could this mean Jack's needs to make new living arrangements?

The Party's Over

Episode: 043 | Aired: December 05, 1978

Mr. Roper plays a dirty trick on the trio when they plan to throw a party (he has a new "no parties" rule). But his trick backfires on him when Helen leaves him in disgust after she discovers what he's done.

The Kleptomaniac

Episode: 042 | Aired: November 28, 1978

Things go missing from the apartment, and Janet and Jack begin to suspect that their roommate might have a "little problem."

The Crush

Episode: 041 | Aired: November 21, 1978

The Ropers' teenaged house guest has a crush on Jack and she'll stop at nothing to be alone with him when the Ropers ask the trio to keep an eye on her.

Chrissy's New Boss

Episode: 040 | Aired: November 14, 1978

Chrissy's going on an overnight trip with her boss, and Janet and Jack can only assume the worst -- that her boss wants to put the moves on her.

Larry's Bride

Episode: 039 | Aired: October 31, 1978

Larry's fiance is a gold-digger who's really interested in Jack. Larry thinks it's the other way around, but only Chrissy has the facts that will bring the buddies back together.

Chrissy and the Guru

Episode: 038 | Aired: October 24, 1978

A fast-talking con man tries to convince a down-on-her-luck Chrissy that he's a spiritual guru and that she belongs with him on his commune.

My Sister's Keeper

Episode: 037 | Aired: October 17, 1978

Tempers flare when Janet's sexy younger sister comes for a visit and sets her sights on Jack.

Helen's Rendezvous

Episode: 036 | Aired: October 10, 1978

When Helen tries to patch up a disagreement between Stanley and his best friend, the trio mistakenly believe that she is having an affair with the man.

The Fast

Episode: 035 | Aired: October 03, 1978

In a battle of the sexes, perpetual nibbler Chrissy agrees to give up food if skirt-chasing Jack agrees to give up women. Janet has a secret weapon to turn the wager to one roommate's favor.

Love Diary

Episode: 034 | Aired: September 26, 1978

Chrissy's taken on a freelance job, typing up a racy diary. When a snooping Mr. Roper discovers the blue book, he mistakenly thinks Chrissy has the hots for him.

Good Old Reliable Janet

Episode: 033 | Aired: September 19, 1978

Hoping to shed her "goody-two shoes" image, Janet goes to a nude beach protest with an equally fed up Mrs. Roper. Too bad the police are planning to raid the rally.

Double Date

Episode: 032 | Aired: September 12, 1978

Jacks' in double trouble when he pretends to be sick to break a date with his current lady to go out with a new interest. Problem is Mr. Roper overhears him, and thinks he has what ails Jack.