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Three's Company

Roper's Niece

Episode: 003 | Aired: March 31, 1977

Mr. Roper's niece is in town, and he gives Jack $50 to take her out. Roper figures she'll be safe with Jack, who figures he'll be in easy money--that is until he meets her.

Jack the Giant Killer

Episode: 005 | Aired: April 14, 1977

Jack's got something to prove after not standing up to a bully who made a pass at Chrissy at the Regale Beagle.

It's Only Money

Episode: 006 | Aired: April 21, 1977

Panic's afoot when the rent money goes missing and the trio can't find anyone to float them a loan so they can pay Roper.

A Man About The House

Episode: 001 | Aired: March 15, 2002

To save on rent, Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow invite Jack Tripper to be their roommate. There's one catch -- he must pretend to be gay in order for the landlords, the Ropers, to approve.

And Mother Makes Four

Episode: 002 | Aired: May 10, 2004

Chrissy's mom comes for an overnight visit. The problem is Chrissy hasn't told her about their new roommate, Jack.

No Children, No Dogs

Episode: 004 | Aired: May 13, 2004

Mr. Roper has a "no kids, no dogs" policy, so the trio's in a bit of a pinch when they take in a homeless puppy found by Jack's buddy, Larry.