Three's Company

Joyce DeWitt

Janet Wood

Born in West Virginia, DeWitt was a theater major and received her B.A. from Ball State University (David Letterman's alma mater) and an M.F.A. from U.C.L.A. DeWitt honed her acting skills in the theater before being cast in the pilot episode of Three's Company in the role of Janet Wood. Best known for her work on the series, DeWitt is as famous for never appearing bare-legged on the show (which eventually landed her an endorsement from L'eggs pantyhose), as she was for her long-standing falling-out with co-star Suzanne Somers when Somers left the show after a contract dispute with the producers. Her TV debut was in 1975 on an episode of Baretta, and she also appeared on an episode of The Love Boat in 1979. DeWitt all but disappeared from the small screen for almost two decades after Three's Company ended, becoming an advocate working to fight hunger and homelessness. In addition to her television work, DeWitt has appeared on stage in Noises Off, Anything Goes, and in the Broadway show Olympus on My Mind.

Character Bio

Dependable, whip-smart, and solid to a fault, Janet is the one to turn to in a pinch. Quick-witted and a bit sassy, she is definitely the brains in this bunch--just don't call her sensible! She hates that, even if she would pass up a date with the dreamy hunk she's been pining away for to take care of a sick friend.

This perky brunette is the epitome of a true-blue friend, and though Janet may not always be lucky in love, she's not waiting for someone to take her away from it all. She'll be happy to meet a nice guy who wants to treat her well and take comfort in her wise ways.