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Three's Company

Jenilee Harrison

Cindy Snow

This California girl didn't have to stretch far to play sweet-natured UCLA co-ed Cindy Snow. A former beauty queen (Miss Young America) and Los Angeles Rams cheerleader, Harrison made her small screen debut on CHiPs (1978), but her real breakout role was as Cindy Snow on Three's Company from 1980-1982.

During this time Harrison made several guest appearances on '70s and '80s staples The Love Boat, and Fantasy Island, and she had a two-year stint on the CBS mega-hit Dallas as Jamie Ewing (1984-1986). Other TV appearances include Simon and Simon, She's the Sheriff, Murder She Wrote and That '70s Show. Harrison is married to Hollywood chiropractor Dr. Bruce Oppenheim.

Character Bio

This sweet-natured, UCLA co-ed moves into apartment 201 when her cousin Chrissy moves back home to tend to her ailing mother. Cindy is kind of like a flinty-legged colt; she's not too steady on her feet, but she is energetic and rearing to go nonetheless. Much like her cousin, she's something of a naïve, and where Chrissy had a goofy laugh, Cindy is just plain goofy (only Jack stumbles, fumbles, and trips more than her). But the kid has a big heart, and the roommates are always happy to have her around, even if it means something will end up busted or broken.

Three's Company TV Schedule

October 25
The Harder They Fall
Jack and his broken leg interrupt Janet's romantic date.
The Bake-Off
Chrissy mistakenly eats a pie Jack has prepared for a local bake-off.
Jack on the Lam
Navy deserter Jack goes undercover when an FBI agent shows up at the door.
Jack the Ripper
Jack decides to take assertiveness training classes after repeatedly giving in.
A Camping We Will Go
On a camping trip, Jack pretends to be a famous commercial director so that Larry can impress his new girlfriend.