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Three's Company

Audra Lindley

Helen Roper

A show biz veteran, Audra Lindley was born into a family of actors. She got her start in Hollywood as a stand-in at an early age, and then became a stuntwoman specializing in horseback stunts. Lindley eventually moved to New York where she became a seasoned stage actress, appearing in numerous plays including Take Her, She's Mine, Long Day's Journey into Night, and On Golden Pond. Like many theater actors during the 1950s and 60s, Lindley made the move to TV soap operas, appearing in Search for Tomorrow (1962), The Edge of Night (1962), and Another World, where she played the role of meddling aunt Liz Matthews from 1964-1969. However, Lindley is best known for playing kooky, sex-starved Helen Roper on Three's Company and its spin-off, The Ropers (1977-1980), a role that garnered her a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe nomination in 1979 (Lindley received her first Golden Globe Nomination in 1973 for her work in Bridgett Loves Birney). After The Ropers, Lindley appeared periodically on TV, most notably as Cybill Shepherd's mother on Cybill, a role she played up until her sudden death in 1997 at the age of 79 from complications related to leukemia. Lindley was married to actor James Whitmore, and had five children.

Character Bio

The women's liberation movement came about twenty years too late for Helen Roper, Stanley's long-suffering wife, but that's not stopping her from trying to get him to loosen up, live a little, and be a little more giving in the loving department! She enjoys having "the kids" in the building and is open to their freer way of looking at life, if only stuffy ole' Stanley could be too. Helen may seem a little kooky, with her wild kaftans and gaudy jewelry, but she knows what's going on upstairs and she's not telling Stanley. Because as much she loves him, it gives Helen a certain bit of satisfaction knowing that she's got one over on the old boy.

Three's Company TV Schedule

July 11
Look What I Found
A plan to trick Furley into changing the "no pets" rule backfires when the stray cat's owner comes looking for her missing kitty.
July 13
Jack's Tattoo
Jack's in the hospital to get a tattoo removed, but Janet and Furley have different ideas.
Jack Takes Off
To win the attentions of the new art instructor next store, Jack signs up to be a nude model.
Forget Me Not
When he wrecks Janet's new car while on a date with a model, Jack feigns amnesia.
The Heiress
A former flower shop customer dies and leaves Janet a seemingly worthless vase.
Cupid Works Overtime
A pretty stewardess helps Jack overcome his fear of flying. Smitten, he asks her out.
A Man About The House
To save on rent, Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow invite Jack Tripper to be their roommate.
And Mother Makes Four
Chrissy's mom comes for an overnight visit.
Roper's Niece
Mr. Roper's niece is in town, and he gives Jack $50 to take her out.
No Children, No Dogs
The trio takes in a homeless puppy found by Jack's buddy, Larry
Jack the Giant Killer
Jack's got something to prove after not standing up to a bully who made a pass at Chrissy at the Regale Beagle.
It's Only Money
The rent money goes missing and the trio can't find anyone to float them a loan.
July 15
Ground Rules
Jack and Chrissy bust in on Janet and her date.