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Three's Company

Anne Wedgeworth

Lana Shields

This native Texan was a high school classmate of Jayne Mansfield, and got her big break on Broadway in Make a Million in 1958 soon after receiving her B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Wedgeworth was busy pursuing theatrical work as well as meaty roles on daytime soap operas The Edge of Night (Angie Talbott), Another World, and Somerset. Wedgeworth brought sultry Lana Shields to life on Three's Company from 1979-1980. Other small screen sitcom roles followed, including Bootsie Weschester on Flithy Rich (1982) and a recurring role on the acclaimed Evening Shade (1990-1994), where she tapped into her southern roots playing Merleen Eldridge.

Wedgeworth's big screen debut was in Bang the Drum Slowly (1973), starring Robert De Niro. Other film appearances include Sweet Dreams (1985), Miss Firecracker and Steel Magnolias (1989). Wedgeworth was married to actor Rip Torn, and they have a daughter together. She also has a son from her second marriage to Ernie Martin. She is still actively pursing roles in film and television.

Character Bio

As a recent divorcée, Lana is what you would call hot-to-trot. Because after all those years of dull married life she's looking forward to having some fun while she can still turn a head or two. A sexy, older woman, Lana knows who she is, what she wants, and she's not afraid to go for it. And what she wants is Jack (whom she sets her sights on the minute she moves into the building), never mind what people say about him being gay, she'll take care of that. In fact, in Lana's mind, the only thing keeping her from being with Jack is pesky Ralph Furley, who has a knack for always showing up at the wrong time.

Three's Company TV Schedule

September 8
Bob and Carol and Larry and Terri
Terri and Larry have to set things straight when a bit of gossip gets so distorted that it leads Bob and Carol to consider divorce.
Going to Pot
Jack wants to catch a crooked building inspector who's looking for a bribe.
September 9
Star Struck
A soap star with a reputation as a womanizer proposes to Terri on their first date.
Jack Goes the Distance
Defending Furley from a bully at the Regal Beagle, Jack agrees to settle things in the ring.
September 10
Jack's Double Date
Jack bets his roommates that he can quit women for a week.
Janet's Little Helper
Janet's teaching Furley's shy nephew how to be a gentleman with the ladies, but Jack and Terri think she's robbing the cradle.