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Three's Company

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Cooking With Jack

Jack tries to host a cooking show with Terry and Janet as his assistants but it is a total disaster. (03:04)

Group Hug

The roommates sort out a dating mix-up. (01:59)

Up Close and Personal

Jack gets a job as a short order cook, and his new boss has got her eye on him. (03:13)

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About Three's Company

In need of another roommate, two single girls find their next roommate, Jack, in the tub at their last roommates' going away party. Jack, Janet and Chrissy find themselves living together in an apartment in Santa Monica. Jack is

Three's Company TV Schedule

November 8
Larry Loves Janet
Larry develops a crush on Janet when he observes her gentle, domestic side.
Mighty Mouth
Jack falls for an athletic gym instructor.
In a playful moment Chrissy and Jack accidentally handcuff themselves together.
Secret Admirer
After receiving a slew of notes from a secret admirer, Chrissy sets up a rendezvous to blow the guy off once and for all.

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