All The Way Live

Episode: 301 | Aired:

When Boyce learns the church's summer camp might close down, he decides to put on a live concert to save it. Guest stars: Betty White, Brandy, Martin Lawrence, B.o.B

Obama Drama

Episode: 302 | Aired:

Lyric's new boyfriend (David Alan Grier) threatens to ruin Boyce and Lolli's night with the Obamas

Brother, Can You Spare A Kidney?

Episode: 303 | Aired:

Boyce and Lolli's old neighbors from Vegas return in need of a big favor. Kim and Stamps deal with their new living situation. Guest stars: Cedric Yarbrough, Yvette Nicole Brown, Kellee Stewart.

Oh My Goddy

Episode: 304 | Aired:

Boyce feels the pressure when he's nominated for a big award. Lolli makes a sexy gesture to get Boyce's attention. Guest stars: Al Jarreau, Kellee Stewart

Back In The Day

Episode: 306 | Aired:

When Stamps and Kim have a disagreement, Boyce and Lolli reminisce about their early relationship when they had a huge fight and almost broke up. Guest star: Deion Sanders.

Daddy Issues

Episode: 305 | Aired:

Stamps' girlfriend, Kim, has a big secret she's keeping from him!

My Sweet Lord

Episode: 307 | Aired:

Boyce goes on a health kick and tries to get everyone to join him. He cancels the annual bake sale which angers his congregation.

Moving On Up

Episode: 308 | Aired:

In an effort to move into a new phase of their lives, Boyce and Lolli decide to sell their house and move into a luxury condo. After kicking their family out of the condo, they both question whether they did the right thing. Guest stars: Kellee Stewart, Jazz Raycole, Tim Bagley