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Get Thee Behind Me

Episode: 202 | Aired: June 19, 2013

When a new church policy calls for Boyce to undergo a physical, he's extremely confident he's in great shape until the doctor reveals one of his test results could be serious. Meanwhile, Lolli's sister, Kim, moves to town. Guest star: Kim Wayans

My Brother's Keeper

Episode: 201 | Aired: June 26, 2013

As Boyce and Lolli begin to enjoy the perks of their newly empty nest, a fed up Barton decides it's time for Stamps to move out of his house... and into Boyce and Lolli's.

Daddy and Mommy Dearest

Episode: 204 | Aired: July 10, 2013

Boyce and Lolli's old friends Paul and Robyn come to visit, bringing along their brand new foster child. When Boyce and Lolli see their parenting skills in action, it's up to them to save the kid. Guest stars: Yvette Nicole Brown, Cedric Yarborough

Love Thy Neighbor

Episode: 203 | Aired: July 17, 2013

Boyce and Lolli begin to miss their old Vegas days, especially when their neighbors leave them off the invite list to a wild party. So Boyce and Lolli throw a party of their own, but get more than they bargained for. Guest stars: Jamie Kennedy, Arden Myrin

The Punching Preacher

Episode: 206 | Aired: July 24, 2013

After Boyce resorts to violence when defending Lolli's honor, his ego is tested when a video of the incident goes viral. Boyce's tough-guy attitude eventually finds its match.

Bride and Prejudice

Episode: 208 | Aired: July 31, 2013

A lesbian couple comes to Boyce to perform a wedding ceremony, causing a moral challenge between Boyce and the church elders. Boyce also examines his relationship with Lolli when he sees the couple have some familiar problems.

Save the Last Dance For Me

Episode: 207 | Aired: August 07, 2013

When Boyce and Stamps discover Barton has a secret crush, they take it upon themselves to get their dad out of the house and back on the dance floor.

Boyce in the Hood

Episode: 205 | Aired: August 14, 2013

Boyce's good intentions yield mixed results when he hires three former gang members as assistants. Stamps asks Boyce for help with his new business venture. Lolli is annoyed when Boyce refers to her career as a hobby.
Guest star: Darius McCrary

Music and Lyric

Episode: 209 | Aired: August 21, 2013

Boyce and Lolli question their parenting skills when Lyric samples one of Boyce’s songs with surprising results. They agree to manage her new music career as a way of controlling her. Stamps and Kim's relationship heats up.
Guest star: John Beasley


Episode: 210 | Aired: August 28, 2013

Boyce slips back into his old habits when he returns to the studio to record a new song. Lolli and Barton step in to keep things running smoothly at the church. Stamps and Kim are conflicted about revealing their relationship.
Guest Stars: Elise Neal, Anthony Anderson