Leader of the PAC

Episode: 504 | Aired:

Lolli and Stamps form a Super PAC to help fund Boyce’s campaign without know-it-all Alicia, but when their casino event isn’t properly planned, Alicia must bail them out.

Southern Discomfort

Episode: 505 | Aired:

Alicia sets Boyce and Lolli up with a donor who seems to be the answer to their fundraising problems until Boyce spots a Confederate flag in the man’s house. Stamps proves his silver tongue can be an asset to the campaign.

Soul Train

Episode: 506 | Aired:

When Lolli gets kicked off a wine train, she forces Boyce to have her back, even though he knows she’s in the wrong. Stamps helps Alicia relieve her campaign stress.

Sex, Lies, and Video Store

Episode: 507 | Aired:

Paul and Robyn, Boyce and Lolli's old neighbors from Vegas, crash what is supposed to be a quiet family evening to celebrate Boyce's first campaign commercail. The family finds out about Stamps and Alicia's relationship.

This Mud's For You

Episode: 508 | Aired:

Mayor Saxby repeatedly undercuts Boyce during a debate, and Boyce must decide whether or not to stoop to Saxby’s level. Lolli’s new friendship with the mayor’s wife is short-lived.