The Soul Man: The Best Time of Our Lives

Take a look back at the final season of The Soul Man! (04:07)

The Soul Man: Ugly Crier

Boyce gets a little emotional when Barton sneaks out of the hospital to vote. (04:07)

The Soul Man: The 3%

When Boyce finds out that a third candidate is taking up 3% of the vote in a close race, he comes up with a plan. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Second Thoughts

Lolli gets second thoughts about Boyce winning the election. (04:07)

The Soul Man: At The Dentist

While waking up from anesthetics at the dentist, Boyce unknowingly convinces his opponent to drop out of the race. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Conspiracy

Boyce confronts Mayor Saxby about the garbage strike only to discover a garbage conspiracy. (04:07)

The Soul Man: The Garbage Crisis

Mayor Saxby blames Boyce after the sanitation union stops picking up the trash in St. Louis. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Wake Up Call

Boyce and Lolli wake up to jackhammers and chainsaws and decide that Mayor Saxby is to blame. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Garbage Day

Lolli is not happy when the garbage men don't pick up her trash. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Boyce Takes The Highroad

When Alicia discovers some dirt on Saxby, Boyce doesn’t want to hear it. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Boyce VS. Saxby LIVE

Boyce faces off with Saxby live! But Saxby out-smarts Boyce when it comes to being a politician. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Saxby Likes Pony Play

Boyce sees for himself that Saxby’s definitely got some skeletons in his closet. (04:07)

The Soul Man: The Neighbors From Vegas are Back!

Paul and Robyn are back in town! And they haven’t changed a bit. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Alicia and Stamps’ Close Call

All eyes are on Stamps and Alicia after Robyn meddles, once again! (04:07)

The Soul Man: Boyce Gets "Angry"

Boyce has to stick up for Lolli even though he knows she was in the wrong. (04:07)

The Soul Man: The Wine Train

When a video surfaces of Lolli and the girls on the wine train, they decide to get rid of the evidence. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Fundraising

Lolli and Boyce have a difficult time asking for donations over the phone. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Campaign Donor

Lolli and Boyce visit Denny Doyle, who wants to contribute to Boyce's campaign. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Alicia Takes Charge

Alicia lays down the campaign laws for the Ballentine’s and Lolli doesn’t like it. (04:07)

The Soul Man: The Super Pac

Lolli and Stamps try to break away from Alicia’s rules by forming a super pac! (04:07)

The Soul Man Highlight: Boyce Explains Cupping

Boyce has to make a decision when his campaign manager asks him to fire his employees. (04:07)

The Soul Man Highlight: Lolli's Past is Back

When the stakes are high for Boyce¹s campaign, Lolli remembers something that may put it at risk. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Missi Pyle Guest Stars This Season!

Watch her character take over Boyce's campaign. (04:07)

The Soul Man: Girls, Girls, Girls

Boyce gets into a sticky situation when he tries to go public with his bid for mayor! (04:07)

The Soul Man: DMV

Boyce and Stamps struggle to pay a ticket at the DMV. (04:07)

The Soul Man: You're Not Handicapped!

Boyce and Lolli explain to Shirley why she can't park in handicap spots (04:07)

The Soul Man: Season 5 Sneak Peek

The season premiere of The Soul Man is Wednesday, March 30th at 10:30p after Lopez! (04:07)

The Soul Man: Own Season 1 on DVD Today!

Watch all the laughs from The Soul Man Season 1! Order it today! (04:07)

TV Land Studios: Betty White Renames Cedric The Entertainer

When Cedric The Entertainer interrupts Betty White one too many times, she decides to rename him. (00:30)

About The Soul Man

Season 5 premieres Wednesday, March 30 at 10:30p. An R&B superstar-turned-minister (Cedric the Entertainer) takes over as preacher of his father’s church.