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The Soul Man Highlight: Roar!

Nikki takes some advice from a "self-actualization guru". (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Stamps Roars

Nikki brings Stamps to a Roar meeting. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Hot Coals & Cold Desserts

Boyce walks across hot coals to prove Roar is a sham. Barton eats cold ice cream to avoid going to the dentist. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Boyce Gets Roasted

Boyce gets roasted by members of his congregation. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Boyce's Statue

Boyce is unhappy with how the statue of him looks. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Boyce Roasts Back


The Soul Man Highlight: Personal Assistant

Stamps hires Curtis as his pretend personal assistant. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Get Some

Lolli offers to repay Boyce for taking her mother to the nail salon. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Like A Boss

Boyce tells Nikki that she can't bring her dog into the office. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Rules Are Rules

Nikki gets revenge on Boyce. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Biz

Boyce bonds with Nikki's dog "Biz". (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Lolli Prepares A Sermon

Nikki helps Lolli prepare a sermon in Boyce's absence. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Meet The Son

Stamps is intimidated by his date's fully-grown son. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Pastor Lolli

Lolli delivers a captivating sermon while Boyce is away. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Smooth Lester

Lester pulls out all the moves on a date with Nikki. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Hibachi Boyce

Boyce transforms the kitchen into a hibachi grill to impress Lolli. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Tinder

Stamps explains Tinder to Lester and Boyce. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Tell It Like It Isn’t

Boyce goes to extreme measures to make sure his father never finds out about a secret he’s been keeping. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Fallen And Can't Get Up

Boyce can't get back up after he throws out his back. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Boyce The Model

Boyce models his old clothing for eBay. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: My Light On Their Blight

Barton catches Boyce taking selfies at the soup kitchen. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Clothing Sale

Boyce puts all his "Boyce The Voice" memorabilia on eBay. (43:10)

The Soul Man: Boyce's Hidden Camera

After Lolli suspects she was wrongfully accused of shoplifting because of the color of her skin, Boyce takes a hidden camera to the store to catch the security guard in the act. (43:10)

The Soul Man: Boyce and Lolli Want Answers

After Boyce and Lolli are wrongfully accused of stealing at a store, they suspect it was because of the color of their skin. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Shopping While Black

When Boyce and Lolli are accused of stealing when shopping at a high-end store, they demand to speak to the owner. (43:10)

The Soul Man Highlight: Boyce Puts On A Show

When Boyce finds himself having to attend too many funerals, he reaches out to a younger congregation. (43:10)

The Soul Man: Own Season 1 on DVD Today!

Watch all the laughs from The Soul Man Season 1! Order it today! (43:10)

TV Land Studios: Betty White Renames Cedric The Entertainer

When Cedric The Entertainer interrupts Betty White one too many times, she decides to rename him. (00:30)

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About The Soul Man

From the creators of "Hot in Cleveland," The Soul Man revolves around Cedric's character, Reverend Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine, an R&B superstar-turned-minister who takes over as preacher of his father's church. Niecy Nash ("Reno 911") stars as the reverend's wife, Lolli. John Beasley ("Everwood") plays Ballentine's father, Wesley Jonathan ("What I Like About You"), his younger brother, and Jazz Raycole ("My Wife and Kids") plays his daughter. The character of Reverend Boyce originated on a second season episode of "Hot in Cleveland" in which Cedric guest-starred. Watch free full episodes online here!

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