The Nanny

Honeymoon is Overboard

Episode: 601 | Aired:

As C.C. and Sylvia mount a search, Fran and Maxwell try to survive after being washed up on a deserted island on their honeymoon.

California, Here We Come?

Episode: 614 | Aired:

When Maxwell wants to produce a television show, Fran worries about moving to California.

Finale Part 2

Episode: 622 | Aired:

Fran delivers her twins as C.C. gives Niles an answer to his marriage proposal.

Finale Part 1

Episode: 621 | Aired:

As she worries about getting too fat, Fran goes into labor while stuck in an elevator with C.C.

Maternal Affairs

Episode: 615 | Aired:

After confronting Sylvia about her affair, Fran sets out to save her parent's marriage.

Maggie's Wedding

Episode: 619 | Aired:

Fran and Maxwell disagree when Maggie wants to get married.

The Baby Shower

Episode: 620 | Aired:

A psychic predicts that Maxwell is going to leave Fran for another woman.