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The Nanny

The Tart With Heart

Episode: 401 | Aired: September 18, 1996

Upon returning from Paris, Maxwell takes back his loving words to Fran.

The Cradle Robbers

Episode: 402 | Aired: September 25, 1996

Ordered to discourage Maggie from seeing an older guy, Fran suddenly finds herself dating his best friend.

The Bird's Nest

Episode: 403 | Aired: September 25, 1996

Brighton faces a year at military school unless he improves his grades at school.

The Rosie Show

Episode: 404 | Aired: October 09, 1996

Fran is hired as a regular on 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show.'

Freida Needa Man

Episode: 405 | Aired: October 16, 1996

Fran's Aunt Freida arrives at the Sheffields after being evicted.

Me and Mrs. Joan

Episode: 406 | Aired: October 30, 1996

Fran arranges a reunion between Maxwell and his estranged father James.

The Taxman Cometh

Episode: 407 | Aired: November 06, 1996

While she's supposed to be watching Jay Leno's dog, Fran is distracted by an untimely tax audit.

An Affair to Dismember

Episode: 408 | Aired: November 13, 1996

As Fran wonders what to do about her flagging love life, Maxwell's handsome younger brother proposes marriage.


Episode: 409 | Aired: November 20, 1996

Maxwell is aroused after learning that Fran has a secret tattoo.

The Car Show

Episode: 410 | Aired: December 11, 1996

Fran enters a beauty contest to win a car for Maggie's birthday.

Hurricane Fran

Episode: 411 | Aired: December 18, 1996

Fran decides on a holiday vacation away from the Sheffields, only to find herself caught in a hurricane.

Danny's Dead and Who's Got the Will?

Episode: 412 | Aired: January 08, 1997

The death of Fran's ex-fiancee prompts concern about her future.

Kissing Cousins

Episode: 413 | Aired: January 15, 1997

Fran's finds the perfect new boyfriend, only to discover that he's also her cousin.

The Fifth Wheel

Episode: 414 | Aired: January 29, 1997

At the advice of her therapist, Fran is determined to rid her life of men.

The Nose Knows

Episode: 415 | Aired: February 05, 1997

Maxwell suspects Fran's therapist is pushing her into an affair.

The Bank Robbery

Episode: 416 | Aired: February 12, 1997

Fran and Sylvia are taken hostage in a Valentine's Day bank robbery.

Samson, He Denied Her

Episode: 417 | Aired: February 19, 1997

Fran joins C.C. on the jury of a controversial case.

The Facts of Lice

Episode: 418 | Aired: March 05, 1997

Fran suspects Niles of being a killer.

Fran's Roots

Episode: 419 | Aired: March 12, 1997

Fran discovers she may have been switched at birth with the daughter of wealthy parents.

The Nanny and the Hunk Producer

Episode: 420 | Aired: April 02, 1997

A tabloid paper's story about an extramarital affair with Fran disturbs Maxwell and undercuts his Tony Award-winning play.

The Passed Over Story

Episode: 421 | Aired: April 09, 1997

A successful high school classmate of Fran's tempts Maggie with a job offer.

No Muse is Good Muse

Episode: 422 | Aired: April 23, 1997

Fran convinces a rock star to let her be her muse.

Your Bette Your Life

Episode: 423 | Aired: April 30, 1997

Fran offers her services for a charity auction presided over by Bette Midler.

The Heather Bilblow Story

Episode: 424 | Aired: May 07, 1997

Fran's old nemesis lands a role on a popular soap opera.

The Boca Story

Episode: 425 | Aired: May 14, 1997

Fran is upset after learning her mother is planning to move to Florida.

Fran's Gotta Have It

Episode: 426 | Aired: May 21, 1997

Fran's attempt to cement her relationship with Maxwell is rudely interrupted when Niles has a heart attack.