The Nanny

Charles Shaughnessy

Maxwell Sheffield

Born in London, Charles Shaughnessy comes from a somewhat noble TV lineage: His father Alfred was a main writer on Upstairs, Downstairs. Educated at Eton and in law at Cambridge, where he later joined the comedy troupe Footlights Revue, he eventually made his way into drama school. He performed in stage tours before landing the role of Julian Spears on Jury. He moved to Los Angeles to follow his eventual wife, actress Susan Fallender. He made guest appearances on Murphy Brown, Mad About You and General Hospital, and even voiced the title role on an episode of Duckman. After playing doctors in a few movies, he became theater producer Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny. When the series ended, he reprised his Soap Opera Digest Award-winning role as Shane Donovan on Days of Our Lives. In 2003, he starred in Broadway’s "Urinetown." Shaughnessy is also well known for his voiceover work, including his Emmy-winning turn as Dennis on the animated show Stanley. He re-teamed with Fran Drescher as her ex-husband on Living With Fran, and was a regular on 2007’s Saints & Sinners. Speaking of saints, he recently made a splash as Saint John Powell on Mad Men and is slated to reappear yet again on Days of Our Lives. He is still happily married to Fallender, with whom he has two daughters. He also happens to hold the title of fifth baron of the City of Montreal in the Dominion of Canada and of Ashford in the County of Limerick.

Character Bio

Maxwell Sheffield is a wealthy British widower with three children. A busy Broadway producer, Max has had no luck finding just the right person to help raise his rambunctious kids. And then along comes Fran.