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The Golden Girls


Estelle Getty

Sophia Petrillo

Actress Estelle Getty stars as Sophia Petrillo on the hit show The Golden Girls.

Getty was born in 1923 in New York. Her career began with a part in the 1978 film Team-Mates, and she landed the famous role of Sophia while she was in Los Angeles on tour for the play Torch Song Trilogy, in which she played Harvey Fierstein's mother.

Getty reprised her Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning role of Sophia on The Golden Palace and Empty Nest. Some of her other television credits include Newhart, Blossom, Mad About You and Cagney & Lacey.

She appeared in films such as Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot with Sylvester Stallone, Mask with Cher, Tootsie, Mannequin, and Stuart Little.

Estelle Getty passed away in 2008 in Los Angeles.

The Golden Girls TV Schedule

November 30
A Little Romance
Rose has been dating Dr. Jonathan Newman and begins to think their relationship is leading to the altar. However she begins to have second thoughts especially since he's a midget.
The Flu
A week before an awards ceremony, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose each come down with a nasty flu, which compounds their arguing over who will win a prestigious award.
Bringing Up Baby
Rose is shocked when her late-uncle's will leaves her his "Baby," and delighted to learn the "baby" is a pig. Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia are less thrilled until they learn that when Baby dies, Rose gets a large sum of money.
Yes, We Have No Havanas
Blanche's new boyfriend is a charming Cuban who sweeps her off her feet, but she's not the only one. Blanche discovers he's also been dating Sophia. Rose takes a course taught by Dorothy so she can get a high school diploma.
Journey to the Center of Attention
Blanche brings a lonely Dorothy down to the Rusty Anchor for a night of excitement. However, Blanche had no intention of being pushed off her throne by Dorothy, who begins singing and instantly becomes the center of attention.
December 7
Blanche and the Younger Man
Blanche goes all out to try to look good for her latest beau, her aerobics instructor half her age. Meanwhile, Rose's dynamic mother comes for a visit and gets fed up with Rose's "mothering" ways.
Adult Education
Blanche's professor sexually harasses her when he asks for help on a difficult test. If she has sex with him, he'll give her an "A." Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia each try to get tickets for a sold out Frank Sinatra concert.
Big Daddy
Blanche's father, Big Daddy, visits and announces he's sold the family plantation and is setting out to become a country singer. Sophia places a "curse" on a neighbor who won’t remove his tree that fell onto the lanai.
Family Affair
Dorothy's son, Michael, and Rose's daughter, Bridget, each come to Miami for a visit and each of them become a little too friendly for Dorothy and Rose's liking. Meanwhile, Blanche hurts her back in aerobics class.
The girls' dream vacation in the Caribbean turns out to be far from what was advertised in the brochure. While the girls are away, Sophia romances the gardener.
Joust Between Friends
Dorothy is searching for part-time work, so Blanche gets her a job at the museum. Then Dorothy is handed the job of organizing a banquet, the duty Blanche was hoping for. Meanwhile, Rose finds a stray dog at the supermarket.
Love, Rose
Rose places an ad in the personals column and she is let down when she doesn't hear an immediate response. This leads Blanche and Dorothy to begin responding under the name Isaac Newton.
The Sisters
For Sophia's birthday, Dorothy flies in her sister, Angela, from Sicily as a surprise. However, Dorothy's the one whos surprised when Sophia's reaction is that of disgust. Guest Stars: Nancy Walker
The Stan Who Came to Dinner
Dorothy feels sympathy for Stan when he tells her he's going to have open heart surgery. However that sympathy fades when she learns of his many infidelities while they were married. Guest Star: Herb Edelman
'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas
The girls each plan to spend Christmas with their families but a series of strange occurrences lead them to spend Christmas together in Miami.
Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
Tired of Christmas shopping in the heat, the girls decide to buy gifts for the one person they pick from a hat. Later, they serve Christmas dinner to the homeless, including a recently homeless Stan.Guest Star: Herb Edelman