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The Exes

Phil and Holly Talk Teeth

Phil asks Holly for some lady painkillers for his toothache. (0:56)
From Episode: #104 | Aired: December 28, 2011
The Exes

The Exes: What Makes a TV Pilot

The cast and crew of The Exes talk about what it really takes to make a TV pilot! (03:12)
The Exes

The Cast on Their Favorite TV Shows & Actors

The cast of The Exes take a trip down memory lane and tell us their favorite TV shows & actors. (01:10)
The Exes

Debra McGuire: Costume Designer vs. Stylist

The Exes Costume Designer Debra McGuire tells us the difference between her and a stylist. (00:58)
The Exes

The Exes: Kelly Stables' Thanksgiving Treat

Kelly Stables tells us her favorite part about Thanksgiving! (00:14)
The Exes

The Exes: First Day on Set

The cast of The Exes talk about the first day on set! (00:46)
The Exes

Wayne Knight on Hot in Cleveland

Wayne Knight talks about working on Hot in Cleveland. (01:27)
The Exes

Wayne Knight on Jurassic Park

Wayne Knight talks about his role as Dennis Nedry and "the spitter" in Jurassic Park. (01:47)

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