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The Exes

TV Land Studios: Wayne Knight Gets A Makeover

When Kelly Stables' eyebrow pencil goes missing, only one person remains a likely suspect.
The Exes

TV Land Studios: Kelly Stables and Kristen Johnston Overdo It

When Kelly Stables tells Kristen Johnston what she ate for lunch, Kristen is not impressed.
Hot in Cleveland

TV Land Studios: Wayne Knight's Missing A Muffin

Wayne Knight tracks down the last gluten-free muffin.
The Exes

TV Land Studios: The Sandwich Bandit

Since someone keeps eating Wayne Knight's sandwiches, he goes on a mission to find out who it is.
The Exes

TV Land Studios: Donald Faison Needs Jane Leeves To Translate

When a fan from Britain comes to visit Donald Faison, he needs help understanding her.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: The Old Man and The Holly

While Holly tries to get her groove back, Haskell finds out that Phil and Nikki are planning to take their relationship to the next level. In an attempt to stop them, Haskell does the unthinkable
The Exes

The Exes Season Finale: Tonight at 10/9C

Holly dates an older man only to find out he lives in an assisted living facility. Nicki comes to Phil with a proposition.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: My Fair Stuart

Nicole (Leah Remini) volunteers to give Ralph (Tony Dovolani) dance lessons, but when she tries to teach him, their lesson takes an unexpected turn.
The Exes

The Exes Sneak Peek: My Fair Stuart

Stuart asks Nicki to accompany him to an important dinner. Phil and Haskell consider getting vasectomies together. Watch TONIGHT at 10/9C.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: When Haskell Met Sammy

Phil's fear of funerals almost stops him from delivering his old basketball coach's eulogy. However, when Stuart starts speaking, Phil is forced to cut in.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: Holly's Master Plan

In an attempt to get a date with a hot pilot, Holly pairs Haskell up with his gay brother. Little does Haskell know, Sam (Roger Bart) wants to be more than friends
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: Nun Like it Hot

After a one-night stand, Phil realizes he slept with a nun who is also Nicki’s best friend. Fearing Nicki will find out, Stuart and Phil swear to keep it a secret from her.
The Exes

The Exes Sneak Peek: When Haskell Met Sammy

Holly accidentally sets Haskell up with a gay man. Stuart helps Phil get over his fear of funerals. Watch TONIGHT at 10/9C
The Exes

The Exes Sneak Peek: Nun Like it Hot

Phil unknowingly sleeps with a nun and must keep Nicki from finding out. Haskell and Eden take care of a fussy Holly after she suffers an injury. Watch tonight at 10/9C on TV Land.
Guest star: Leah Remini
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: Friends Without Benefits

Phil gets paranoid after claiming he was racially profiled before being given a jaywalking ticket. After Stuart begs Phil to accompany him while he breaks into his old house to give his farewells before his ex-wife sells it, Phil is afraid of getting profiled and caught.
The Exes

Kristen Johnston's on The Exes & Kirstie

Watch Kristen Johnston's dual role cross over on The Exes & Kirstie tonight starting at 10/9C!
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: Starting Over

While Phil tries to get rid of his one night stand, Nicki unknowingly keeps bringing them back together.
The Exes

The Exes Sneak Peek: Friends Without Benefits

Haskell hatches a plan to win over Nicki. Stuart and Phil visit Stuart's old home one last time before it is sold. Watch tonight at 10/9C.
The Exes

The Exes Sneak Peek: Starting Over

Nicki (Leah Remini) returns to start her new life in the city, disrupting Stuart's professional life and Phil's personal life. Haskell and Eden attend an all-nude production of "Twelve Angry Men." Watch tonight at 10/9C.
Guest Star: Leah Remini

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