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The Exes

The Exes: What Should I Wear?

Phil asks the crew for advice on what to wear on his date with movie star, Zoe (Frances Turner).
The Exes

The Exes: What's My Line?

Phil takes some creative license with Zoey (Frances Turner) while they are shooting a scene together.
The Exes

The Exes: Haskell's Penthouse

Stu and Phil are blown away by Haskell's spectacular new penthouse.
The Exes

The Exes: Hot Frenchie

Nicki returns from Europe with a new tan and a hot souvenir!
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: LOL BABY!

Holly discusses her new hobby "Down Dating" with Eden but the tables turn when she see's her latest conquest out with another woman.
The Exes

The Exes: Baby Talk

Phil and Haskell share a special moment!
The Exes

The Exes: The Perfect "Guy"

Holly and her new computer, Eric share a romantic evening.
The Exes

The Exes: That's The Spot

Phil helps Haskell recover from a wild night.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: The Wedding

Holly wants to make sure that her wedding goes absolutely perfectly.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: A Bride Too Far

Haskell tells the gang about his new million-dollar idea.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: Holly Franklin Goes To Washington

Holly starts dating a congressman but finds that his assistant is more business than pleasure.
The Exes

There is no Perfect for Arden Myrin

Nobody's perfect, not even Arden Myrin and David Alan Basche!
The Exes

Arden Myrin's Marilyn Monroe Moment

Arden Myrin "skirts" a Marilyn Monroe moment with David Alan Basche on the lot!
The Exes

Arden Myrin Looks Great in Orange

Arden Myrin beat out a bunch of old men to get a part on Orange is the New Black!
The Exes

Arden Myrin is on Every Channel!

Turn on any TV - you'll probably see Arden Myrin!
The Exes

Stacy Keach on Auditioning

Stacy and David talk about the auditioning process.
The Exes

Stacy Keach Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

David and Stacy talk about the other shows that they've shot on the lot.
The Exes

Stacy Keach talks Mike Hammer

Stacy talks about his father's acting work and his role as Mike Hammer.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: Get Her to the Greek

Haskell welcomes a new guest into the apartment, to the dismay of Phil and Stuart.
The Exes

The Exes Highlight: Requiem For a Dream

Holly and Stuart fight to impress a world-class chef.