Episode Guide

Analyze Them

Episode: 202 | Aired:

When the guys can't resolve their differences, Holly sends the three of them to couples' therapy, where they discover that Holly is the problem.

What Women Want

Episode: 201 | Aired:

The gang's relationships are thrown out of whack when Holly discovers there's way more to Stuart than meets the eye.

Cool Hand Lutz

Episode: 203 | Aired:

Holly takes Haskell on a practice date, and finds herself blown away by Haskell's hidden talents. Stuart embarrasses Phil when he tries way too hard to fit in with Phil's friends.

Baby Mama

Episode: 204 | Aired:

Holly tries to get to the bottom of a big secret between Eden and her boss. Stuart is about to be reunited with his beloved dog – until Phil loses him.

Lethal Weapons

Episode: 205 | Aired:

Phil’s quest to land a new client puts the boys in a strip club, and Stuart in the hospital. Holly’s new “magic bra” works wonders.

Shall We Dance?

Episode: 206 | Aired:

Holly volunteers to help Stuart impress his ex at a ballroom dance competition, but Holly’s “talent” hurts more than it helps. Phil meets his match in a woman who beats him at his own game.

Three Men and a Maybe

Episode: 207 | Aired:

Holly rushes to look for sperm donors when she finds out her biological clock is rounding midnight. The guys pledge to find her the perfect match—and who could be more perfect than themselves?

How Holly Got Her Groove Back

Episode: 208 | Aired:

Holly's office crush Paul returns to work, and she is determined to find out how he feels about her once and for all. Stuart, sick of doing all the cleaning himself hires a maid, who quickly turns Haskell's life upside down.

The Party

Episode: 209 | Aired:

After giving Holly's new boyfriend Paul a hard time, the guys make amends and Paul invites them to the party of a lifetime. But on the way, Stuart discovers that Paul's ex-wife might still be in the picture.

Sister Act

Episode: 210 | Aired:

Desperate to impress her perfect sister Jill, Holly invents an alternative lifestyle for herself that quickly spirals out of control. Meanwhile, the guys are riding high on a "special" dish cooked up by Stuart.

He's Gotta Have It

Episode: 211 | Aired:

Phil's client, tennis star Chuck Feeney, stays with the guys to hide from the paparazzi. But Chuck the ladies man turns out to be more of a man's man. Haskell and Holly compete over who can take better care of pregnant Eden. Guest star: Zach Braff

Pirates of the Care of Eden

Episode: 212 | Aired:

The gang crashes a party on Phil's boss's yacht, where a very pregnant Eden goes into labor.