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The Devil Wears Hanes

Episode: 401 | Aired: November 05, 2014

In the wake of Haskell declaring his love for Nicki, Holly tries to play cupid. Stuart secretly arranges for Phil to get together with his high school crush.

The Wedding Unplanner

Episode: 402 | Aired: November 12, 2014

Holly represents Nicki in her divorce, but lets her own history with marriage get in the way. Phil tries to prove he’s not getting older by dating a much younger woman.

Love And Death

Episode: 403 | Aired: November 19, 2014

Holly joins a grief support group to meet a man. Stuart and Haskell help prepare Phil for a talk show appearance after he develops a lisp.

An Officer and a Dental Man

Episode: 404 | Aired: November 26, 2014

Haskell dates a beautiful woman who Phil is convinced is really a man. Stuart is filled with guilt after he sleeps with a woman who thinks he’s a war hero.

Oh Brother Here Art Thou

Episode: 405 | Aired: December 03, 2014

Haskell’s estranged brother shows up and asks for one small favor: his kidney. Holly mentors a teenager who turns out to like Eden’s job more than hers.

Dawn Of The Dad

Episode: 406 | Aired: December 10, 2014

Holly throws a birthday party for Stuart and Nicki, but her real motive is to impress a guy she's just met who's new in town. Nicki and Stuart's dad shows up and ruins everything.

Catch It 'Cause You Can

Episode: 407 | Aired: December 17, 2014

Haskell plans to attend a big event honoring him for his past bowling glory, but is quarantined with Phil and Stuart. Holly secretly rewrites Eden's college paper and almost destroys her dream.

Requiem For A Dream

Episode: 408 | Aired: January 07, 2015

The gang attends a charity silent auction. Haskell wins a police ride-along. Phil wins dinner with his favorite sitcom TV Mom. Stuart and Holly are forced to share a cooking lesson with a celebrity chef.

Get Her To The Greek

Episode: 409 | Aired: January 14, 2015

Holly sneaks into a sorority Eden is pledging to find out why she was rejected years ago. Haskell turns the guys' apartment into a pretend AirBnB to attract a woman.

Holly Franklin Goes To Washington

Episode: 410 | Aired: January 21, 2015

Holly, over the moon, introduces the gang to her new boyfriend, Congressman Charles Hayward, but they soon begin to question his motives.

A Bride Too Far

Episode: 411 | Aired: January 28, 2015

Holly’s engagement to Congressman Charles Hayward is put in jeopardy when a scandalous photo of her lands in the newspaper. Haskell has an idea for a great new app, but needs an investor.

The Wedding

Episode: 412 | Aired: February 04, 2015

Holly's big day arrives. Haskell and Nicki, now business partners, strike it rich.


Episode: 413 | Aired: July 15, 2015

Holly is given a voice-activated operating system as a gift and gets way to attached to him. Haskell comes into money and uses it to control Phil and Stuart.

Finding Mr. Wrong

Episode: 414 | Aired: July 22, 2015

Holly, tired of all the drama that comes with dating, decides to only pursue men she’s not interested in. Haskell takes all his money out of the bank to show it off

Good Will Hinting

Episode: 415 | Aired: July 29, 2015

Stuart recruits Phil for his a cappella group and Phil leads a rebellion. Haskell leaves Holly out of his will and she seeks revenge.

The 40-Year-Old Her-Gin

Episode: 416 | Aired: August 05, 2015

Stuart’s sister Nicki comes back from her European vacation with a female lover. Holly, inspired by Nicki, decides to try dating women.

Haskell Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Episode: 420 | Aired: August 12, 2015

Phil and Stuart have a fight with Haskell and he moves out. Holly, desperate to keep them all together, sends Phil and Stuart to bring him home.

Knotting Phil

Episode: 417 | Aired: August 19, 2015

Phil’s stint on a movie set leads to romance with the female star. Holly struggles with having to fire someone for the first time.

10 Things They Hate About You

Episode: 418 | Aired: August 26, 2015

Phil makes a big mistake on his first date with a movie star so Holly has to infiltrate the red carpet to bail him out. Stuart and Haskell compete over who can get the most Twitter followers.

Gone Girls

Episode: 419 | Aired: September 02, 2015

Holly and Nicki plan a girls’ night out, but wind up competing for the same guy. Phil realizes dating a movie star is much more difficult than he imagined.

What Dreams May Come

Episode: 421 | Aired: September 09, 2015

Holly accidently convinces Stuart to quit his dental practice and buy a restaurant. Haskell, sick of paying alimony, tries to persuade his ex wife Margo to marry her fiancé

Along Came Holly

Episode: 422 | Aired: September 16, 2015

Stuart and Holly convince Margo to hold her wedding at their restaurant. Haskell, still desperately in love with Margo, tries to stop it.