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The Exes Highlight: The Wedding

Holly wants to make sure that her wedding goes absolutely perfectly. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: A Bride Too Far

Haskell tells the gang about his new million-dollar idea. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: Holly Franklin Goes To Washington

Holly starts dating a congressman but finds that his assistant is more business than pleasure. (47:44)

There is no Perfect for Arden Myrin

Nobody's perfect, not even Arden Myrin and David Alan Basche! (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: Get Her to the Greek

Haskell welcomes a new guest into the apartment, to the dismay of Phil and Stuart. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: Requiem For a Dream

Holly and Stuart fight to impress a world-class chef. (47:44)

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Sign up for The Exes updates and get the latest news first! (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: Catch It 'Cause You Can

Eden likes to procrastinate, but not when Holly’s in charge! (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: Dawn Of The Dad

Holly gets the lowdown on her new gentleman caller. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: Oh Brother Here Art Thou

Phil and Stuart try to convince Haskell that he’s being scammed by his brother. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: An Officer and a Dental Man

Holly tries to get Haskell back into the dating world. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: Love And Death

Haskell tries to help Phil overcome his newly acquired lisp. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: The Wedding Unplanner

Holly convinces Nicki to get a lot more aggressive in her divorce proceedings. (47:44)

The Exes Highlight: The Devil Wears Hanes

Phil is nervous about reconnecting with a high school crush, so Stuart gives him a little push in the right direction (47:44)

The Exes: Recap in a Flash

Get caught up to speed for the season premiere of "The Exes" on Wednesday, November 5! (47:44)

TV Land Studios: Donald Faison Needs Jane Leeves To Translate

When a fan from Britain comes to visit Donald Faison, he needs help understanding her. (20:00)

TV Land Studios: Kelly Stables and Kristen Johnston Overdo It

When Kelly Stables tells Kristen Johnston what she ate for lunch, Kristen is not impressed. (20:00)

TV Land Studios: The Sandwich Bandit

Since someone keeps eating Wayne Knight's sandwiches, he goes on a mission to find out who it is. (20:00)

TV Land Studios: Cedric The Entertainer Pranks David Alan Basche

After a talk with Cedric The Entertainer, David Alan Basche buys a pet chicken. (15:00)

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