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The Exes: Culinary Crapstorm

Stuart finds out that the gang did not like his food at all. (30:46)

The Exes: The Good Doctor

Holly fakes an eye emergency to get a second chance to talk to Dr. Dan. (30:46)

The Exes: What Should I Wear?

Phil asks the crew for advice on what to wear on his date with movie star, Zoe (Frances Turner). (30:46)

The Exes: What's My Line?

Phil takes some creative license with Zoey (Frances Turner) while they are shooting a scene together. (30:46)

The Exes: Haskell's Penthouse

Stu and Phil are blown away by Haskell's spectacular new penthouse. (30:46)

About The Exes

Three divorced men share an apartment across the hall from their female divorce attorney, who is also their landlord.