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The Dick Van Dyke Show

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Morey Amsterdam

Buddy Sorrell

Born December 14, 1908, Morey Amsterdam fit his role as Buddy Sorrell on The Dick Van Dyke Show perfectly. Like Sorrell, Amsterdam was a show-biz veteran who started out with vaudeville and ended up a master of the one-liners. The chemistry between Sorrell, Van Dyke and Rose Marie in the writers' office on The Dick Van Dyke Show has seldom been equaled.

Amsterdam's string of TV credits boggles the mind. His first television role was as a regular on Stop Me If You've Heard This One in 1948. Eight more shows featured Amsterdam as a regular prior to The Dick Van Dyke Show, including The Morey Amsterdam Show (1948 to 1950), Broadway Open House (1950), Who Said That? (1954), Make Me Laugh (1958) and Keep Talking (1958-60).

Morey starred on The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961 to 1966. Amazingly, during this time and throughout Amsterdam's previous years as a regular, he was equally prolific as a guest actor. He made appearances on The Tonight Show, The Gale Storm Show, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Danny Thomas Show, How to Marry a Millionaire, Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, The Adventures of Jim Bowie, Gunsmoke and several game shows. And those are just a few of his gigs.

After The Dick Van Dyke Show had run its course, he went on to do countless guest spots on television shows ranging from Love, American Style to Hollywood Squares. In 1990 he once again landed a regular role, this time on The Young and the Restless.

Morey Amsterdam passed away on October 28, 1996.

Character Bio

Rob Petrie may be the head writer, but it's Buddy Sorrell who provides the energy that fuels the creative staff of The Alan Brady Show. A walking encyclopedia of one-liners, Sorrell makes the 28th floor come alive with his constant ribbing-most of which is aimed at the show's chrome-domed producer, Mel Cooley. A showbiz veteran and avid cellist, Sorrell has extensive vaudeville experience and used to work for The Buddy Barrows Show. He later had his own series for a while called Buddy's Bag. Lately, though, Buddy and Sally Rogers have been performing at Herbie's Hawaiian Lounge as the comedy team Gilbert and Soloman. Sorrell, whose real first name is Maurice, shares his life with his wife Fiona. He calls her Pickles; this the custom with all girls from her hometown named Fiona. Buddy and Pickles have a German Shepherd named Larry.