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The Cougar

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Season 1 (83)

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The Cougar

Cub Cam: Power Hour- Pt. 3

Travis pukes
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Power Hour- Pt. 2

Travis continues to drink through the power hour
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Power Hour- Pt. 1

Travis begins his Power Hour
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Johnny threatens

Johnny wants to fight tonight.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Joe's Date

The cubs haze Joe before his date.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Jimmy

Jimmy is pissed he can't win a competition.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: David Flexes

David strikes a pose for the camera.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Colt Interview

Colt is furious.
The Cougar

Episode 3: Deliberations Pt.-2

Stacey and Vivica continue to talk about which cubs should stay and which should go.
The Cougar

Episode 3 Deliberations- Pt. 1

Stacey tries to figure out who she should eliminate.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Nick

Nick is very upset because Stacey broke his heart.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Kai

Kai feels that he put his 'all' into the competition.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Johnny

Johnny will miss Ryan's Banana Hammock.
The Cougar

The Cougar: Episode 7 Recap

Wednesdays at 10/9 PM
The Cougar

Sneak Peek: Episode 3

The cubs must pick out the perfect dress for Stacey.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Jim

Jim wasn't ready to fight for the spotlight.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Making Drinks

Adam starts the morning with a little vodka.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Low Blow

Joe Calls out Travis.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: The gloves are off

Can Travis get Stacey into the hot tub?
The Cougar

Cub Cam: The cubs hanging out

The Cubs know how to hang out.