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Season 1 (83)

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The Cougar

Sneak Peek: Episode 6

Stacey meets the families of the cubs.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Shredded

Jimmy is not a clown, but he is shredded.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Karate

Colt shows off his karate moves for Adam.
The Cougar

Flip Cam: Colt plays Jon

Colt does a rock and roll parody of Jon.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Jon

Jon wasn't at the house to make friends with anyone.
The Cougar

Episode 5 Deliberations- Pt. 2

Jon and Joe are on thin ice.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Joe

Joe knew he was going to be eliminated after Jon.
The Cougar

Episode 5 Deliberations- Pt. 1

Stacey and Vivica try to figure out who to eliminate.
The Cougar

Stacey's Rebuttal

Stacey responds to the nasty article published in the 'National Enquirer.'
The Cougar

Stacey’s Announcement

Stacey makes a very important announcement about the winner of ‘The Cougar.’
The Cougar

Sneak Peek: Episode 5

The cubs start to fight with each other.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Travis and the Hot Tub

Travis checks to see if the hot tub is working.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: The Cubs Hang Out

Jimmy thinks the other cubs are cute.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Ryan

Ryan just hopes she doesn't end up with a 'tool' like Colt.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: David

David says physically there was an attraction, but not emotionally.
The Cougar

Exit Interview: Austin

Did you think she was gonna kiss him after he threw up?
The Cougar

Episode 4 Deliberations- Pt. 2

Stacey is having trouble seeing depth in Jimmy.
The Cougar

Episode 4 Deliberations- Pt. 1

Colt is shining again after his date.
The Cougar

Sneak Peek: Episode 4

Trust is broken and secrets are revealed. Featuring the most dramatic elimination yet.
The Cougar

Cub Cam: Shopping

Dress shopping