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That '70s Show

The Kids Are Alright

Episode: 129 | Aired: October 29, 2003

Red comes home from the hospital with doctor's orders not to work for three months. Jackie's shocked that Hyde and Kelso aren't spending all their time waiting for her decision. And Laurie returns from her honeymoon, having gone to Cancun without Fez.

Join Together

Episode: 130 | Aired: November 05, 2003

Eric's delighted that he and Donna are spending most of their time having "going away" sex. Fez wonders if he'll ever get to have sex again with his new wife. And Kelso takes on the job of reuniting Jackie and Hyde.

Magic Bus

Episode: 131 | Aired: November 19, 2003

It's Donna's last night in Point Place, and it's also Eric's eighteenth birthday. He may not be getting the party he expected, and he has to tell Donna goodbye. Hyde warns him that he needs to be cool-like Bogey in Casablanca.

The Acid Queen

Episode: 132 | Aired: November 26, 2003

Kelso's baffled when Brooke, a beautiful friend of Donna's, not only refuses to acknowledge that they had sex, but also tries to avoid him. And Jackie obsessively tries to force Hyde to say that Brooke isn't hot.

I'm Free

Episode: 133 | Aired: December 03, 2003

When the INS comes to investigate Fez and Laurie's marriage, Red thinks it's time to set the record straight. And when Brooke tells Kelso that he's off the hook about the baby, his friends are horrified that he's happy about it.

We're Not Gonna Take It

Episode: 134 | Aired: December 17, 2003

When Eric loses his job at the dog food factory, he has to compete with Kelso for a waiter's job at the restaurant where Hyde works. And Fez and Laurie are about to file for divorce until the wedding presents start coming in.


Episode: 135 | Aired: January 07, 2004

It's Christmas Eve, and Donna pulls night shift deejaying at the station. Red dispenses his own brand of Christmas cheer playing Santa at the mall. And Jackie drags Hyde and the other guys to the school Christmas dance as she attempts to recapture her place on the cheerleading squad.

I'm A Boy

Episode: 136 | Aired: January 14, 2004

Eric's become a slacker-sleeping all day and letting Kitty baby him-and Donna's had it. Kelso asks Brooke out on a date. And Kitty recruits Fez to drive Red to his doctor's appointment.

Young Man Blues

Episode: 137 | Aired: February 04, 2004

Jackie joins a "Big Sister" program. Eric makes a feeble stab at being a handy man. And Kelso's thrilled that he gets to go on a ride-along in a real police car.

A Legal Matter

Episode: 138 | Aired: February 11, 2004

Kelso's in a panic when Roy convinces him that he's the stooge of his police academy class, and Fez goes to get his green card.

I Can See For Miles

Episode: 139 | Aired: February 18, 2004

Kelso's thrilled when Brooke asks him to drive her to her doctor's appointment. Donna and Eric check out a spot for their wedding. Jackie redecorates Hyde's room. And Bob has a rather strange gift for Red.

Won't Get Fooled Again

Episode: 141 | Aired: March 03, 2004

Eric and Donna freak out when she realizes that she's missed taking a birth control pill. And Kelso and Fez aren't speaking, and Suzy tries to bring them back together.

Baby Don't You Do It

Episode: 142 | Aired: March 10, 2004

Donna and Eric go to pre-marital church counseling and lie about having had sex.. And police cadet Kelso gets a flare gun with disastrous results.

Who Are You

Episode: 143 | Aired: March 17, 2004

Jackie's fuming when her mom returns from Mexico unexpectedly, but she really goes crazy when she finds out about her mom's new boyfriend.

Happy Jack

Episode: 145 | Aired: March 31, 2004

Donna catches Eric in a very private moment and is overcome with disgust. And Hyde and Fez visit Kelso at the Polce Academy and discover that he's become a big jerk.


Episode: 147 | Aired: April 28, 2004

Mitch weasels his way into hanging out with the gang. But when he takes advantage of the situation and tries to make out with Donna, Eric puts his foot down. Meanwhile, Bob asks Pamela to move in with him.


Episode: 148 | Aired: May 05, 2004

The earth moves for Red and Hyde when they accidentally see Pamela topless. And Donna's upset when she learns that Eric dated someone else while they were broken up.


Episode: 149 | Aired: May 12, 2004

Mitch convinces Donna to be his date at his brothers wedding where he introduces her as his girlfriend. Kelso and Brooke attend Kittys baby care class.


Episode: 150 | Aired: May 12, 2004

All hell breaks lose when Eric accidentally tears Donna's wedding dress and when Red takes the money meant for Eric's present and buys a canoe.

My Wife

Episode: 151 | Aired: May 16, 2004

When Donna rents a trailer for herself and Eric, Eric thinks that staying in Point Place after theyre married may be a big mistake.

Going Mobile

Episode: 152 | Aired: May 19, 2004

Eric tells the guys that he's afraid Donna will regret marrying him and giving up all the plans she had for her life. And Brooke's mom arrives and had some news for Kelso.

The Seeker

Episode: 153 | Aired: May 19, 2004

Midge comes back to Point Place. Hyde has an unexpected trip to the hospital. And Kitty finds some surprising information in Hyde's medical records.