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Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was born in 1983 and grew up in the Ukraine and Los Angeles, California. She appeared in minor TV and film roles starting in 1994, but her first major role was in That ‘70s Show, in which she appeared for all 8 seasons. Kunis has guest starred on shows such as Get Real, MADtv, and Grounded for Life, and since 2005 she has starred as a voice actor in the comedy Family Guy. Due to her success on That ‘70s Show, her film career took off as well. She starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Max Payne in 2008, and in 2010 starred in The Book of Eli alongside Denzel Washington, appears in Date Night with James Franco, Tina Fey, and Steve Carell, and also stars in Black Swan with Natalie Portman. In 2011 she starred in the romantic comedy Friends with Benefits sharing the screen with Justin Timberlake, and in 2012 she is appearing in the comedy Ted with Mark Wahlberg. In 2013 she is appearing in the films Oz: The Great and Powerful and Blood Ties.

That '70s Show TV Schedule

December 2
Roller Disco
Kelso's jealous when Jackie picks Fez to be her partner in a roller disco competition.
Eric's Panties
Even though Shelly, Eric's lab partner, is continuously hitting on him, Donna seems unconcerned.
December 3
Baby Fever
Kelso demands money when Jackie smashes his van. Laurie's babysitting for a friend of Kitty's, and seeing a baby around the house makes Kitty think she might like to have another one.
Jackie Bags Hyde
Red and Bob throw competing Veterans' Day barbeques, while Jackie and Hyde go on a date.
December 4
Hyde's Christmas Rager
When Hyde throws an unsupervised keg party at his dad's apartment, Red decides that Bud Hyde needs a lesson in parenting.
Ice Shack
Kelso dreams up a "romantic" double date with Eric and Donna as he attempts to win Jackie back.