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Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was born in 1983 and grew up in the Ukraine and Los Angeles, California. She appeared in minor TV and film roles starting in 1994, but her first major role was in That ‘70s Show, in which she appeared for all 8 seasons. Kunis has guest starred on shows such as Get Real, MADtv, and Grounded for Life, and since 2005 she has starred as a voice actor in the comedy Family Guy. Due to her success on That ‘70s Show, her film career took off as well. She starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Max Payne in 2008, and in 2010 starred in The Book of Eli alongside Denzel Washington, appears in Date Night with James Franco, Tina Fey, and Steve Carell, and also stars in Black Swan with Natalie Portman. In 2011 she starred in the romantic comedy Friends with Benefits sharing the screen with Justin Timberlake, and in 2012 she is appearing in the comedy Ted with Mark Wahlberg. In 2013 she is appearing in the films Oz: The Great and Powerful and Blood Ties.

That '70s Show TV Schedule

January 28
Whole Lotta Love
Red shows his disapproval of the engagement by giving Eric the silent treatment.
The Battle of Evermore
Kitty enters Red and Eric in a father/son competition at a local festival in hopes this will help them stop fighting and do some bonding.
January 29
Hey, Hey What Can I Do
When Red and Kitty withdraw their offer of college tuition, Eric goes to the job fair looking for work.
Bring It On Home
When it's revealed that, in her parents' absence, Jackie's been staying in the basement with Hyde, it becomes a project to find a home for Jackie.
January 30
No Quarter
Jackie moves in with Donna and immediately starts driving her insane.
Trampled Under Foot
Fez is blindsided when Nina tells him she needs some space.