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Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson was born in 1976 and grew up on Long Island, New York. He was a child model and went on the star in Broadway musicals at the age of 8. In the 1990s, he starred in the show Cybill and had a role in Roseanne. He also had a role in the film Face/Off. After the fourth season of Cybill, Masterson decided to move on, and auditioned for That ‘70s Show. He had a role in the comedy Yes Man in 2008, and starred in The Bridge to Nowhere in 2009 with his wife Bijou Phillips. He has guest starred in many different shows over the years, such as Grounded For Life, MADtv, Robot Chicken, Raising Hope and White Collar. His 2012 films include The Chicago 8, Alter Egos, The Polterguys, and Chronicle. He also stars in the TV show Men at Work (2012).

That '70s Show TV Schedule

March 6
Surprise, Surprise
Donna inadvertently promotes a nudie calendar giveaway at Red's muffler shop. Hyde is less than happy with Kelso pursuing his sister.
Kitty is organizing the annual Ladies of Point Place Christmas party and the boys get their hands on toys meant for the local kids at the party and have a hard time giving them up.
March 10
Don't Lie To Me
The gang tries to get Angie to change her mind about Kelso and while returning items from Donna's called off wedding, Jackie starts to wonder if there is a future with Hyde and decides they should break-up.
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
While Kitty and Red are off ice-fishing and the girls are taking karate lessons, the guys suspect the FBI is coming to arrest them after Kelso makes what appears to be a threatening phone call to the White House.
March 11
Street Fighting Man
When Donna gets tickets to a Packers game, Eric convinces them to give one to Red (Mistake!) Meanwhile Jackie is still tackling Hyde issues.
It's All Over Now
When a hot new intern, Sarah, starts working at the radio station with Donna, all of the guys go nuts.