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That '70s Show

About That '70s Show

Set in the late ‘70s, That ‘70s Show centers on the lives of a group of teenagers and their families. This hilarious sitcom reflects on major political and pop-culture topics of the time period, such as the 1970s recession, the hippie movement, drug use, feminism, roller disco, and Star Wars. The on-off relationship between Eric and Donna addresses many issues in teenage relationships and humorously deals with situations in a loving relationship. Jackie gets into relationships with the other three boys of the group, as each pairing becomes a more stable and normal relationship. The six teens as well as their families experience many different things together. Donna has very eccentric parents who divorce, but get back together and experiment a lot with their sexual relationship, without sparing Donna any details. Red loses his job and eventually opens his own car-parts shop. Hyde’s family abandons him, but after Eric’s family takes him in, he learns who his real father is and develops a relationship with him. Kitty goes though menopause towards the end of the series. Eric and Donna decide to get married but Eric leaves her at the alter after realizing she would be giving up on her dreams and her future by marrying him. Eric eventually works out his own dreams for the future, after slacking off for years. Jackie imagines her life as a princess story but has to deal with her father going to jail for fraud and her mother leaving to party in Mexico. Kelso is too stupid to accomplish anything intentionally, and though he lands a job at the end of the series, he fails at almost everything he tries to do, and also has to deal with becoming a teenage father. Fez almost gets deported after his student visa expires at graduation, but he gets married to Eric’s sister so he can stay in the country.

That '70s Show TV Schedule

October 21
Prom Night
Jackie's upset, even though she broke up with Michael, that he's taking someone else to the prom; Hyde, who actually feels sorry for Jackie, asks her to be his date. And Eric decides to rent a motel room for prom night.
A New Hope
The four guys go to see Star Wars, and they all love it, but Kelso's instantly obsessed.
October 22
Water Tower
The gang climbs the water tower, and Kelso paints a pot leaf on it, but falls off and lands in the hospital.
Punk Chick
Eric's awkward attempts to get to second base with Donna make her thoroughly uncomfortable.
October 23
Grandma's Dead
Eric's driving his grandmother home after a tension-filled visit.
Hyde Moves In
When Hyde's mom takes off with a trucker and leaves Hyde home alone without even money for food, Eric tells his parents that he's worried about his friend.

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