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Walter Koenig

Ens. Pavel Chekov

Walter Koenig has worked extensively in film, TV and theater. He has appeared on numerous sci-fi shows, but is best known for his role as Chekov on Star Trek. He also had a recurring role on the series Babylon 5 and appeared as a German psychologist in the martial arts film, Sworn to Justice. He wrote, produced and starred in a one-character piece entitled You're Never Alone When You're a Schizophrenic.

After Star Trek, Koenig continued to make guest appearances on TV including Almost Perfect, Viva Variety and Diagnosis Murder. His autobiography, Warped Factors - A Neurotic's Guide to the Universe, was released in 1998.

Walter Koenig's stage career spans 30 years and includes roles in Midsummer Night's Dream, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Make a Million and many more. He performed in the television movies Antony and Cleopatra, Goodbye, Raggedy Ann and The Questor Tapes. The actor-writer published the non-fiction Chekov's Enterprise and satiric fantasy novel Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot. He has taught classes in acting and directing at UCLA, The Sherwood Oaks Experimental Film College and at the California School of Professional Psychology. In 2007, he wrote and executive produced the sci-fi film InAlienable.

Character Bio

Pavel Chekov is security chief and tactical officer on the Enterprise. He also sometimes substitutes for Spock as science officer. Chekov is a good friend of Sulu, and the two often crack jokes aboard the ship during 'down times.' Chekov was born in Russia and is very proud of his heritage; he often makes references to his homeland. The character is also admired for his Monkees-inspired bowl haircut, and his surname is thought to be a nod to the famous Russian novelist, Anton Chekhov.