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She's Got The Look

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She's Got The Look

Bonus Scene: Jocelyn and Her Hair vs. Robert

Jocelyn and Robert just can't agree on what to do with her hair. Waterworks ensue.
She's Got The Look

Inspiration from the Past with Roshumba

The girls go through their old photographs with Roshumba.
She's Got The Look

Wushu Training

The contestants train for their Wushu shoot.
She's Got The Look

Exit Interview: Diane

Diane feels she has been more consistent than some of the other girls.
She's Got The Look

Exit Interview: Susan

Susan feels like she saw her elimination coming.
She's Got The Look

Sean Patterson: Why Nina Had to Go

The Wilhelmina leader says Nina was never able to break out of her shell.
She's Got The Look

Jocelyn Gets Emotional

Jocelyn gets a brief moment to talk to her family.
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