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She's Got The Look

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She's Got The Look

Bonus Scene: Jocelyn and Her Hair vs. Robert

Jocelyn and Robert just can't agree on what to do with her hair. Waterworks ensue.
She's Got The Look

Inspiration from the Past with Roshumba

The girls go through their old photographs with Roshumba.
She's Got The Look

Bonus: Waking up with Brooke Burke

Brooke surprises the models with an early wakeup call.
She's Got The Look

Exit Interview: Kathleen

Kathleen feels she was in a little over her head during her shoot.
She's Got The Look

After Dark, My Sweet: Cemetery Shoot

It's not all fun and games pretending to have a handsome vamper chasing you down.
She's Got The Look

Exit Interview: Annie

Fitness fanatic Annie was confident she would make it past the first round, but hopes that she can continue to model back in New York.
She's Got The Look

Sean Patterson: Why Annie Had to Go

Sean feels the first elimination is always the hardest one.
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