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She's Got The Look

Sharons Makeover

Her spirit and energy help make Sharon stand out from the crowd and her new hairstyle freshens her appearance. (00:48)
She's Got The Look

Tanya's Makeover

Tanya's false eyelashes were a turn off so they disappeared along with her unflattering hair color. (00:58)
She's Got The Look

Roxanne's Makeover

Though Roxanne's red hair made her stand out, her styling did not. (00:42)
She's Got The Look

Paula's Makeover

The fro hawk was too limiting of a hairstyle for Paula; her new short hairdo will give her many more options. (00:54)
She's Got The Look

Melissa's Makeover

Being stuck in the 1980's was hurting her chances in the industry, but a new look will turn her into a blonde bombshell. (01:10)
She's Got The Look

Kathy's Makeover

A drastic makeover will make Kathy more confident and keep her from becoming hidden by her hair. (01:13)
She's Got The Look

Karin's Makeover

Karin's new hairstyle has helped her look more like a model. (00:47)
She's Got The Look

SELF Magazine Photo Shoot

Get a behind the scenes look of Tanya's photo shoot with Self Magazine. (03:09)
She's Got The Look

Photographers take on Melissa

Melissa rocks, but had a hard time expressing emotion on the trapeze shoot; However in the jewelry shoot, she nailed the look. (01:46)
She's Got The Look

Photographers take on Karin

Her ability to emote longing made her trapeze photograph interesting; and she was the favorite of the jewelry photographer. (01:59)
She's Got The Look

Photographers take on Roxeanne

Passion wasn't evident on Roxanne's face in the trapeze shoot, but she came alive on the jewelry shoot. (02:03)
She's Got The Look

Photographers take on Tanya

Her natural confidence made the trapeze shoot a breeze, but on the jewelry shoot she had trouble shedding her pageant roots. (01:44)
She's Got The Look

Photograohers take on Hope

Hope's upbeat peppy personality helped distinguish her from the rest, her cooperation helped on the jewelry shoot. (01:17)
She's Got The Look

Photographers take on Celeste

Celeste impressed on the trapeze photo shoot, and on the jewelry shoot the photographer loved her look. (01:34)
She's Got The Look

Photographers take on Bahia

The photographers were impressed with Bahia's looks and drive even though she struggled on the trapeze challenge. (02:08)

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