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She's Got The Look

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She's Got The Look

Bahia's Audition

Bahia wowed the judges right from the start!
She's Got The Look

Sharon at Home

According to Sharon age is only a number its how you feel on the inside that matters.
She's Got The Look

Paula at Home

Bringing a massage table to a modeling casting call made Paula stand out. And she feels like she has got the look.
She's Got The Look

Tanya at Home

Tanya gave up a career for marriage and children, so she is thrilled to be able to have another chance.
She's Got The Look

Bahia's Makeover

Gina from Wilhelmina compares Bahia's look to that of movie star Natalie Wood.
She's Got The Look

Tanya's Makeover

Tanya's false eyelashes were a turn off so they disappeared along with her unflattering hair color.
She's Got The Look

Roxanne's Makeover

Though Roxanne's red hair made her stand out, her styling did not.
She's Got The Look

Paula's Makeover

The fro hawk was too limiting of a hairstyle for Paula; her new short hairdo will give her many more options.
She's Got The Look

Kathy's Makeover

A drastic makeover will make Kathy more confident and keep her from becoming hidden by her hair.
She's Got The Look

SELF Magazine Photo Shoot

Get a behind the scenes look of Tanya's photo shoot with Self Magazine.