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Dolores, 72 Years Old

Dolores is a fabulous and charismatic wife, mother of three and grandmother of eight. Hailing from L.A., she describes herself as confident, strong woman who's learned that 'the spirit can prevail despite adversity.' Dolores modeled as a teen, but was limited by the times (she was only allowed to model for 'ethnic' magazines'), and is now thrilled to be given another opportunity. Now that she's retired, Dolores loves to spend her free time salsa dancing, gardening and playing Sudoku. She feels she'd be a good model because 'as a mature woman' she has great 'strength and exuberance for life that shines through'; and is a 'good listener and quick learner'. She feels her hair is her best physical feature, and names Iman and Beverly Johnson as her favorite beauties.