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Karin, 40 Years Old

Karin, 40 Years Old

Karin is a striking 40-year-old Swede living in California who describes herself as kind, creative, analytical and dedicated (especially to her cat, Elvis, who is very supportive of her new adventure). A self-professed tom boy, Karin never pursued modeling, instead choosing to focus on a career as a lawyer, and later became a writer and bass player in a rock band. Karin defines beauty as inner and outer grace, integrity and style. Although shes not sure what her best features are, she admits she likes her legs from the knees down and her small ears. Shes proud to have overcome her extreme social shyness and awkwardness enough to explore new avenues and is now ready to reach her potential. Karin says Linda Evangelista is her favorite model, and she thinks shed make a great model because she's easy to work with, has stamina and can transform herself as necessary.