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My Mirror Image

Episode: 601 | Aired: November 30, 2006

As J.D. struggles with the news of his girlfriend's pregnancy, he, Dr. Cox and the Janitor get unexpected lessons from three patients.

My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby

Episode: 603 | Aired: December 07, 2006

As Turk and Carla rush to the hospital for the birth of their baby, J.D. and Kim struggle with decisions about their own child.

My Coffee

Episode: 602 | Aired: December 14, 2006

Dr. Kelso opens up a franchise of a popular coffee shop at Sacred Heart. When J.D. and Turk go across town to play basketball, J.D. notices changes in his friend's attitude about money.

My House

Episode: 604 | Aired: January 04, 2007

After telling the interns that real hospital work is never as interesting as the cases on House, Dr. Cox finds himself confronted by some medical mysteries of his own. Elliot prepares to go into private practice, but J.D. and Turk point out that she's staying at Sacred Heart. J.D. struggles with Kim's impending departure for a fellowship in Washington.

My Friend with Money

Episode: 605 | Aired: January 11, 2007

J.D. struggles to avoid jealousy when Elliot suddenly makes much more money in private practice than he does working at Sacred Heart.

My Musical

Episode: 607 | Aired: January 18, 2007

As Carla ponders whether she wants to return to work right away and Elliot looks into buying a house, the attention of the entire hospital is focused on a patient who thinks they're all singing to her.

His Story IV

Episode: 606 | Aired: February 01, 2007

When an injured soldier arrives at Sacred Heart, Dr. Kelso struggles to keep disagreements on the Iraq War from ruining productivity at the hospital.

My Road to Nowhere

Episode: 608 | Aired: February 08, 2007

J.D. leads a motley crew of hospital workers on a road trip to visit Kim for her first ultrasound. Back at the hospital, Dr. Cox turns to Turk when he's concerned about an operation on his unborn daughter.

My Perspective

Episode: 609 | Aired: February 15, 2007

Upon returning to Sacred Heart, J.D. finds himself with an odd combination of problems, and his friends struggle to support him.

My Therapeutic Month

Episode: 610 | Aired: February 22, 2007

As Private Dancer goes through physical therapy, Turk struggles with an unexpected setback and J.D. tries to get his personal life going again after his breakup with Kim.

My Night to Remember

Episode: 611 | Aired: March 01, 2007

When a suicidal patient arrives at Sacred Hearty with no memory of what happened, J.D. looks back on his own memories.

My Fishbowl

Episode: 612 | Aired: March 08, 2007

Private Dancer's getting ready to leave the hospital, but when he overdoses on his medication, J.D., Turk, Elliot, Carla and Dr. Cox find themselves convincing him of his life's worth.

My Scrubs

Episode: 613 | Aired: March 15, 2007

Dr. Kelso's harsh response to employees stealing scrubs backfires when he brings in an uninsured friend for treatment.

My No Good Reason

Episode: 614 | Aired: March 22, 2007

The religious Nurse Roberts tries to convince Dr. Cox that everything happens for a reason, but just as he's starting to come around, the hospital gets a horrible shock.

My Long Goodbye

Episode: 615 | Aired: April 05, 2007

As Nurse Roberts lingers in a coma, the staff of Sacred Heart copes with her impending death. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox struggles to keep his daughter's birth from being tarnished by Laverne's death, with disastrous results.

My Words of Wisdom

Episode: 616 | Aired: April 12, 2007

On the advice of the minister at Laverne's funeral, Dr. Cox tries to take more time for himself. Meanwhile, J.D. and Turk look to help a deaf patient get his hearing back.

Their Story

Episode: 617 | Aired: April 19, 2007

J.D. takes a step back as the Todd looks to keep Turk from torpedoing his own career, Ted tries to help the nurses, and Jordan finds herself struggling with guilt after sabotaging Elliot's relationship with Keith.

My Turf War

Episode: 618 | Aired: April 26, 2007

Elliot's sorority sister comes to visit, and J.D. finds himself competing with her for their friend's attention, only to realize that there's an even bigger threat.

My Cold Shower

Episode: 619 | Aired: May 03, 2007

As Elliot prepares for her engagement to Keith, the men of the hospital imagine life married to Elliot, while J.D. tries to cope by pursuing her lonely sorority sister.

My Conventional Wisdom

Episode: 620 | Aired: May 10, 2007

Turk tries to help J.D. get his mind off Elliot by taking him to a medical convention, but when a woman from J.D.'s past, the plan works a little too well.

My Rabbit

Episode: 621 | Aired: May 17, 2007

With Kim back at Sacred Heart, J.D. struggles with his conscience as he ponders her role in his life.

My Point of No Return

Episode: 622 | Aired: May 17, 2007

While the Janitor and his Braintrust make sure that Keith will be the perfect husband for Elliot, she and J.D. are forced to reevaluate their relationships.