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My Old Friend's New Friend

Episode: 401 | Aired: August 31, 2004

Turk and Carla return from their honeymoon and J.D. has to contend with a new doctor (guest star Heather Graham) and an enraged Elliot.

My Office

Episode: 402 | Aired: September 07, 2004

J.D. and Elliot vie for the chief resident position, but Dr. Cox throws them a curveball. Heather Graham guest stars.

My New Game

Episode: 403 | Aired: September 14, 2004

Dr. Cox is shocked to hear that due to a clerical error, he is still married to Jordan. J.D. butts heads with Elliot.

My First Kill

Episode: 404 | Aired: September 21, 2004

Carla searches high and low for Turk and J.D.'s lost stuffed dog; J.D. worries about killing a patient. Heather Graham guest stars.

Her Story

Episode: 405 | Aired: September 28, 2004

Elliot has doubts about taking on Molly (guest star Heather Graham) as a mentor after learning about her hillbilly home life.

My Cake

Episode: 406 | Aired: October 12, 2004

J.D.'s brother (Tom Cavanagh) comes to town with bad news and Turk gets some surprising news of his own.

My Common Enemy

Episode: 407 | Aired: October 19, 2004

While J.D. struggles to handle his brother's interest in Elliot, Turk figures out that he can use his diabetes as an excuse for just about anything; Heather Graham and Tom Cavanagh guest star.

My Last Chance

Episode: 408 | Aired: October 26, 2004

Elliot gives J.D. permission to sleep with Molly at her going-away party, while Dr. Cox is forced to spend time assisting an annoying paramedic. Heather Graham and Molly Shannon guest star.

My Malpractical Decision

Episode: 409 | Aired: November 09, 2004

J.D. and Dr. Cox treat the patient of a feared malpractice attorney, while Turk struggles to keep his distance from a hypochondriac patient. Julianna Margulies guest stars.

My Female Trouble

Episode: 410 | Aired: November 16, 2004

J.D. has a hard time breaking up with his controlling new girlfriend, but it's put a strain on his friendship with Turk. Julianna Margulies guest stars.

My Unicorn

Episode: 411 | Aired: November 23, 2004

Carla and Jordan teach Elliot how to flaunt her femininity. J.D. searches for a patients relative, but winds up getting a big surprise; Matthew Perry guest stars.

My Best Moment

Episode: 412 | Aired: December 07, 2004

Elliot tries to get over her paralyzing fear of children. The hospital staffers remember their finest moments as doctors.

My Ocardial Infarction

Episode: 413 | Aired: January 18, 2005

J.D. struggles when Elliot proves to be better at handling coding patients. The Janitor and Ted launch into an informal battle-of-the-bands; Turk comes to a realization about his medical condition.

My Lucky Charm

Episode: 414 | Aired: January 25, 2005

Colin Farrell guest stars as a chronic bar fighter who teaches Turk and J.D. a lesson about life and jumping to conclusions.

My Hypocritical Oath

Episode: 415 | Aired: February 01, 2005

A raging case of gonorrhea gets between J.D. and a sexy bartender. Elliot stands up to Dr. Kelso.

My Quarantine

Episode: 416 | Aired: February 08, 2005

J.D.'s attempts to impress his new girlfriend go horribly wrong when they get stuck at the hospital. While under quarantine, Turk learns about a dark secret from Carla's past.

My Life in Four Cameras

Episode: 417 | Aired: February 15, 2005

After learning that his patient was a writer for Cheers, J.D. begins imagining his life as a traditional sitcom.

My Roommates

Episode: 418 | Aired: February 22, 2005

Dr. Cox suspects that the son of an old buddy is autistic. Carla and Turk ask J.D. to move out of the apartment but soon regret their decision.

My Best Laid Plans

Episode: 419 | Aired: March 01, 2005

J.D.'s new relationship is thrown for a loop when Molly (Heather Graham) returns to the hospital. Carla puts her foot down after Turk starts making frequent calls to an ex-girlfriend.

My Boss' Free Haircut

Episode: 420 | Aired: March 29, 2005

Dr. Kelso wears scrubs for the first time to prove a point, and Turk is intimidated by the challenge of repairing his relationship with Carla.

My Lips Are Sealed

Episode: 421 | Aired: April 05, 2005

Elliot has trouble with a patient who has taken male enhancement pills. J.D. and Carla cross the line when he tries to help Turk and Carla back together.

My Big Move

Episode: 422 | Aired: April 12, 2005

The Janitor feels emasculated after he is issued a bright blue uniform; Turk finds out something surprising, and doesn't respond well to the news.

My Faith in Humanity

Episode: 423 | Aired: April 19, 2005

When an old lady is brought in by her much younger neighbor, J.D. gets a lesson in doing the right thing and Elliot has a new crush. Turk has problems opening up at couples therapy and the hospital becomes infested with rats.

My Drive-By

Episode: 424 | Aired: April 26, 2005

Dr. Kelso and the Janitor fight for the use of a motorized cart; Dr. Cox gives Turk a lesson in egos.

My Changing Ways

Episode: 425 | Aired: May 10, 2005

J.D. moves out after Carla and Turk decide to make an addition to their family. Elliot interviews at a different hospital.