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My Overkill

Episode: 201 | Aired: September 26, 2002

Turk has to share a bed with J.D. after Carla kicks him out; Elliot has trouble facing J.D. at work.

My Nightingale

Episode: 202 | Aired: October 03, 2002

Dr. Cox refuses to admit he has feelings for Jordan because it might jeopardize their friends-with-benefits arrangement. The residents struggle through their first solo night shift.

My Case Study

Episode: 203 | Aired: October 10, 2002

The interns are asked to present case studies for the opportunity to represent Sacred Heart at a convention. Meanwhile, it's Dr. Kelso's birthday, and everyone is asking him for favors. Turk misses his chance.

My Big Mouth

Episode: 204 | Aired: October 17, 2002

J.D. gets more than he bargained for after convincing Carla to open up to him. Elliot hasn't learned not to seek Dr. Cox's approval.

My New Coat

Episode: 205 | Aired: October 24, 2002

Scandalous rumors fly after Elliot sleeps with a surgeon; J.D. discovers that a white coat doesnt make him a better doctor.

My Big Brother

Episode: 206 | Aired: October 31, 2002

Thomas Cavanaugh guest stars as J.D.'s less-than-motivated bartending brother who puts the moves on Elliot.

My First Step

Episode: 207 | Aired: November 07, 2002

Heather Locklear guest stars as a pharmaceutical rep who lures doctors with her unorthodox approach to medication.

My Fruit Cups

Episode: 208 | Aired: November 14, 2002

The women of the obstetrics department try to recruit Elliot; Dr. Cox must choose between his ex-wife and his new girlfriend.

My Lucky Day

Episode: 209 | Aired: December 05, 2002

J.D. and Dr. Cox have patients with matching cases of flesh-eating bacteria. Meanwhile, Elliot's patient sues her for malpractice.

My Monster

Episode: 210 | Aired: December 12, 2002

J.D. can't 'perform' while on a date with the hot gift-shop girl; Elliot is homeless and Dr. Coxs ex-wife Jordan moves in to his place.

My Sex Buddy

Episode: 211 | Aired: January 02, 2003

J.D. and Elliot try to sleep together without getting emotionally involved again. Turk bails Elliot out of a jam.

My New Old Friend

Episode: 212 | Aired: January 09, 2003

Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are humbled when they realize a chronic hypochondriac patient might actually be sick.

My Philosophy

Episode: 213 | Aired: January 16, 2003

Turk buys an engagement ring for Carla - only to have it swallowed by an overweight patient.

My Brother, My Keeper

Episode: 214 | Aired: January 23, 2003

When Turk's brother (D.L. Hughley) comes to visit, he drops a bombshell about his family life, which makes Carla think twice about getting married.

His Story

Episode: 215 | Aired: January 30, 2003

Dr. Cox takes over from J.D. narrating his day in the hospital, while Turk questions his relationship with Carla as she continues to stall on his marriage proposal.

My Karma

Episode: 216 | Aired: February 20, 2003

J.D. learns the true identity of Jordan's baby and is sworn to secrecy.

My Own Private Practice Guy

Episode: 217 | Aired: March 13, 2003

Dr. Cox's last intern returns to Sacred Heart as a private practice doctor, and quickly comes between J.D. and Dr. Cox. A narcoleptic patient falls asleep while sexually aroused, and all the female doctors use him to test their seductive skills.

My T.C.W.

Episode: 218 | Aired: March 20, 2003

J.D. fights to keep himself from asking out a woman with a comatose husband, but she's ready to move on.

My Kingdom

Episode: 219 | Aired: March 27, 2003

When Dr. Kelso claims that he doesnt care what anyone thinks of him, Dr. Cox pranks him by telling the entire hospital he has died.

My Interpretation

Episode: 220 | Aired: April 03, 2003

Turk is haunted by a sex dream involving Elliot; J.D. struggles with whether he should pursue a woman whose husband has recently died (guest star Amy Smart).

My Drama Queen

Episode: 221 | Aired: April 10, 2003

J.D. has to pick fights to keep his drama-queen girlfriend interested in their relationship (guest star Amy Smart).

My Dream Job

Episode: 222 | Aired: April 17, 2003

When J.D. and Turk get a visit from an old college friend (Ryan Reynolds), they wind up arriving drunk for an emergency shift; Dr. Kelso scares Elliot into almost quitting.