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Ken Jenkins

Dr. Bob Kelso

Ken Jenkins has been acting for the majority of his life. He began in various high-school theater productions in Dayton, Ohio, where he was born and raised. In 1969, he co-founded the Actor's Theatre of Louisville and served as the Associate Artistic Director for three years.

Jenkins has appeared in many feature length films throughout his career. His first was the critically acclaimed Matewan. Other film credits include The Sum of All Fears, I Am Sam, Courage Under Fire, The Abyss, Air America and Last Man Standing.

His TV resume includes roles in The X-Files, Family Law and Chicago Hope. He has acted in several TV movies, including Thirst, Hiroshima, And the Band Played On. He is most famous for his role on Scrubs - the chief of medicine, Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso.

Character Bio

Dr. Kelso is the chief of medicine for Sacred Heart Hospital. He always puts the long-term interests of the hospital above those of any individual patient, particularly when it comes to finances. This often creates arguments between him and Dr. Cox. When Kelso is forced to retire, Dr. Cox becomes the new chief.

Kelso is married and often cheats on his wife - at one point she throws him out of the house when she learns of his affairs. Kelso can be compassionate; however, it's often concealed by his gruff exterior.