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About Scrubs

Unlike most other medical shows (ER and Grey's Anatomy, we're talkin' to you), Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence set out to achieve something completely unique in its hospital hallways. By exposing the insecurities of a newbie intern (Zach Braff as J.D.) and using that as a central vantage point for the medical dramedy narrative, Scrubs is equal parts surrealist fantasy segue, workplace humor, soap-operatic romance and Simpsons-esque in its ironic undertones. But you won't find any hair-raising scenes involving paddles poised over a flatlining patient at Sacred Heart Hospital, nuh uh.

Launched in 2001 and employing a limited number of central characters, Scrubs tells the story of a batch of hapless interns hounded by a heartless chief of medicine (Dr. Kelso) and font-of-knowledge espousing residency director (Dr. Cox). As the seasons progress, so too do the interns, becoming attending physicians, spouses, stalkees and guardians of patients -- whether they like it or not. The scenes are irreverent, strange and most of all, relatable, whether J.D. and Elliot are copying their bedroom moves from Animal Planet or Nurse Carla and Turk are fighting over their wedding scooters.... or The Janitor is targeting J.D. for yet another public humiliation.

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