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Sanford and Son

Demond Wilson

Lamont Sanford

Georgia native Demond Wilson decided to pursue acting upon returning from service in Vietnam in the early 1960s. After performing in a number of touring stage productions, Demond made a go of it in Hollywood, where he appeared in a few guest roles, including one on Mission: Impossible and a part in the 1971 Sidney Poitier film, The Organization. After doing an episode of All in the Family that same year, he was called to audition for Sanford and Son. After Sanford, Wilson's next sitcom was Baby, I'm Back in 1978, and he later returned to television for the 1982 series The New Odd Couple. In 1984, Wilson became a minister, and later formed Restoration House, a vocational training organization for ex-convicts. He is said to be penning a book with the working title Second Banana: Bittersweet Memoir of Sanford and Son. He has six children.

Character Bio

Lamont is an accidental partner in his father's junk business in Los Angeles. He would rather seek his fortune elsewhere, but cares too much for his aging father to leave him on his own. Lamont is the voice of sanity in the Sanford household and puts up with much of his father's loving but abusive tactics. Lamont isn't fooled by his father's gruff exterior and remains frustratingly loyal to Fred and his pursuits.