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Life and Stuff

Episode: 101 | Aired: October 18, 1988

Roseanne deals with life, as well as complaints that Darlene barks in school.

We're in the Money

Episode: 102 | Aired: October 25, 1988

Although Dan and Roseanne agree not to spend any of Dan's $500 advance on themselves, neither can resist the temptation.


Episode: 103 | Aired: November 01, 1988

Jackie babysits while Roseanne and Dan go out to a restaurant for dinner where they see a recently divorced friend.

Language Lessons

Episode: 104 | Aired: November 22, 1988

A body language test seems to reveal Dan's innermost feelings about Jackie; Darlene has a bone to pick with D.J.

Radio Days

Episode: 105 | Aired: November 29, 1988

A radio sponsored songwriting contest unleashes unusual creativity in Dan and Roseanne, while Booker unleashes uncontrolled impulses in Jackie.

Lovers' Lanes

Episode: 106 | Aired: December 06, 1988

Roseanne checks out Becky's new boyfriend Chip during a family outing to the bowling alley; Jackie and Booker are bowling for more than dollars.

The Memory Game

Episode: 107 | Aired: December 13, 1988

Roseanne discovers that Dan had a one-night stand years ago with her high-school rival.

Here's to Good Friends

Episode: 108 | Aired: December 20, 1988

Roseanne and Jackie agree to help Crystal drown her sorrows over a recent break up by taking her to the Lobo Lounge for a few pink squirrels.

Dan's Birthday Bash

Episode: 109 | Aired: January 03, 1989

Dan's birthday bash at the Lobo Lounge is interrupted by a bully intent on picking a fight with Dan.


Episode: 110 | Aired: January 10, 1989

Knowing how easily distracted he is, Roseanne bets Dan he'll never finish repairing his truck.

Canoga Time

Episode: 111 | Aired: January 17, 1989

Dan refuses to part with the "junk" Roseanne wants to donate to a rummage sale; Darlene forges the grade on her report card.

The Monday Thru Friday Show

Episode: 112 | Aired: January 24, 1989

Dan and Roseanne disagree about where to spend their 15th anniversary; Becky refuses to dissect a frog in biology class; Darlene finds her paper route is more than she can handle.

Bridge Over Troubled Sonny

Episode: 113 | Aired: January 31, 1989

Crystal hires a psychic to help her cope with the death of her husband; Darlene experiments with smoking

Father's Day

Episode: 114 | Aired: February 07, 1989

Roseanne must referee when Dan's visiting father makes disparaging remarks about Dan's wasting time working as a contractor.

Nightmare on Oak Street

Episode: 115 | Aired: February 14, 1989

Darlene's bad dreams aren't due to the scary movies she's been watching.

Mall Story

Episode: 116 | Aired: February 21, 1989

Roseanne takes her reluctant family on a shopping spree at the Lanford Mall.

Becky's Choice

Episode: 117 | Aired: February 28, 1989

Becky is eager for her first dinner party with Chip and his parents to be over.

Workin' Overtime

Episode: 119 | Aired: March 14, 1989

After two weeks of overtime at work and chaos at home, Roseanne seeks clarity and takes refuge at a diner.

Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Episode: 120 | Aired: March 28, 1989

As a tornado spins through Lanford, a storm is brewing inside the Conner house over the whereabouts of Jackie who hasn't returned from her trip to the market.

Death and Stuff

Episode: 121 | Aired: April 11, 1989

During a busy weekend, a door-to-door salesman drops by and drops dead in the Conner kitchen.

Dear Mom and Dad

Episode: 122 | Aired: April 18, 1989

An unannounced visit by Roseanne's parents has the Conner house in an uproar.

Let's Call It Quits

Episode: 123 | Aired: May 02, 1989

Roseanne has difficulty accepting the authority of her tough new supervisor at Wellman Plastics.

The Slice of Life

Episode: 118 | Aired: March 07, 1998

Life takes on a whole different meaning when Darlene's rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Now all Dan and Roseanne can do is wait and take time to think about what their daughter really means to them. In the end Darlene pulls through, but not without taking advantage of the situation.