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There are times when you can speak one name and say volumes about a person -- and so it goes with Roseanne. As a wife and the mother of five, not only is the comedian a domestic goddess in real life, she used her stand-up comedy experience to play one on TV. It took until the '80s for the powerfully funny Salt Lake City native to break the stereotypical "TV Mom" mold created by the likes of Harriet Nelson and Donna Reed.

After a critically acclaimed network debut on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Roseanne became a key player in the world of entertainment. Few tabloids were printed in '80s and '90s that didn't feature Roseanne's off-camera exploits prominently. The short list: The success of, controversy surrounding and public debate over her eponymous ABC sitcom; her divorce; her tumultuous relationship with comedian Tom Arnold, and the effect that union and its demise had on the show's cast and crew. Roseanne's proclamation that she was "America's greatest fear: white trash with money!" seemed to be prophetic indeed. Many of the trials of Roseanne's private life would find their way into the scripts of the show. Probably the most notable example of this was the day she dropped Arnold's last name and the credits for the show listed every cast and crew member by first name only.

Roseanne has appeared in over two dozen shows, is an Emmy Award winner, a four-time American Comedy Award winner, and has her own website,

Roseanne TV Schedule

October 14
Which one of the married Conner women did David have a sexy dream about? There is a flurry of activity to figure out the "who" and the "why."
Skeleton in the Closet
It's Roseanne's favorite holiday, Halloween, and Leon's planning a "gay" soiree at the diner. During the party, Roseanne is horrified to learn about a dark secret in Fred's past.
Follow the Son
D.J. is growing up, and Roseanne is having trouble loosening the apron strings. Meanwhile, David is stunned to find that Darlene's planning to move in with her new boyfriend, Jimmy.
October 15
Punch and Jimmy
After D.J. gets pushed around by the town bully, Dan steps in to teach him the basics of self-defense. Recently dumped by Darlene, David begins overcompensating by acting "macho."
White Men Can't Kiss
When DJ refuses to kiss a black girl in the school play, Dan broods over the source of DJ's racist attitudes. To everyone's surprise, Fred develops a close friendship with his mother-in-law, Bev.
Thanksgiving 1994
Nana Mary's introduces her new husband at Thanksgiving.. Roseanne and Dan anxiously await the results from her prenatal test and learn that something may be wrong with the baby.
October 16
Maybe Baby
Waiting for the prenatal test results leave Roseanne and Dan in a panic. Emotions run high as Roseanne mulls over her pregnancy options and consequently excludes Dan from any paternal involvement.
The Parenting Trap
DJ's poor performance in school requires him to take "special" classes. Dan feels he is being shut out as a parent. Darlene learns something about David and his new girlfriend's relationship.
Rear Window
A geriatric couple with a penchant for nudity has moved in next door. Darlene worries about how close Becky and David have gotten.