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Michael Fishman

D. J. Conner

Though no one has ever clearly stated why, Michael Fishman began playing the Conners' baby boy D.J. after the pilot, replacing another child actor, Sal Barone. Fishman was born Oct. 22, 1981 in Long Beach, Calif. Though he largely disappeared after Roseanne, Fishman also had roles in Walker, Texas Ranger, Seinfeld and the Stephen Spielberg film A.I. Fishman set up a benefit memorial fund for Roseanne co-star Glenn Quinn (Mark Healy), who overdosed on heroin in 2002.

Character Bio

David Jacob (D.J.) Conner is a pretty typical kid. He gets his head stuck in toilets, rats on his sisters, spies on girls in the bathroom, loves Halloween and enjoys being smothered by his mom and left to get in all manner of adventures by his dad. To Darlene he is "Spock," so-named for his haircut, which may indeed have originated on the planet Vulcan. To Becky he is "Little Perv," so named for his predilection for extraordinarily long stays in the bathroom. To everyone else, he is just D.J. He always seems to know what's going on in the Conner household, yet is somehow immune to the chaos. The only notable exception to this is when a cousin of Dan's, a tap-dancing fundamentalist preacher, stops by - and D.J. is suddenly caught up stomping out the fires of Hades in his living room in Lanford.

Roseanne TV Schedule

November 26
Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore
The Conner family makes the best out of a bad situation when an impending tornado keeps them from leaving the house. Roseanne worries when Jackie doesn’t return from a shopping trip.
Death and Stuff
A door-to-door salesman drops dead in Roseanne’s kitchen.
November 27
We Gather Together
The Conner clan gathers for an unforgettable Thanksgiving dinner. Dan is shocked to learn his father has feelings for Roseanne’s widowed friend Crystal.
Thanksgiving 1991
Roseanne doesn't believe her mother's excuse for why her father isn't attending Thanksgiving dinner.
Thanksgiving '93
In the midst of the Conner clan's Thanksgiving celebration, a fight breaks out and a long hidden, dark family secret is revealed. As a result, emotions fly and Bev flees the house.
Thanksgiving 1994
Nana Mary's introduces her new husband at Thanksgiving.. Roseanne and Dan anxiously await the results from her prenatal test and learn that something may be wrong with the baby.
The Last Thursday in November
D.J. performs in his school's Thanksgiving pageant in which the pilgrims pull out weapons and gun down the Indians "Pulp Fiction" style. D.J.'s Native-American teacher enlightens the parents with his story of Thanksgiving.
December 1
Dear Mom and Dad
Dan and Jackie encourage the normally outspoken Roseanne to stand up to her parents.
Let's Call It Quits
Roseanne makes a deal with her overbearing new supervisor: she’ll stop cracking wise at work if he begins to treat her fellow employees with respect.