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Up North

Episode: Season 1 | Aired: June 26, 2012

Alan sets out to get Elaine back, only to find she might be seeing another man. He recruits David and Amy to help get to the bottom of things and win back his wife.

The Dates

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: July 03, 2012

Alan and Elaine visit a couples therapist to help them navigate their new relationship, and they are each charged with planning the perfect date for one another. Meanwhile, David tries living with Amy but they soon find out they're more like their parents than they think. guest star: Robin Givens

Poker Face

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: July 10, 2012

Elaine and Alan struggle to find the right balance of togetherness in their new relationship. When Elaine tags along with Alan on his weekly poker night, Alan finds himself stuck. Brandon helps out David when he discovers David is bluffing about a job.

The Grifters

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: July 17, 2012

David meets a girl, Jenn, but Elaine and Alan question her motives for dating David. David starts to believe his parents, until Jenn reveals the reason for her strange behavior is she's a single mother. Jared is reluctant to make a big commitment to Amy.

My Dinner With Alan

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: July 25, 2012

Amy pushes Alan to be closer with Jared. But when they become closer friends than Amy planned, it starts to take its toll on their relationship. Meanwhile, David struggles with Alan treating Jared like the son he never had.

The Apartment

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: August 01, 2012

David notices Elaine is acting strange. He discovers that Elaine has kept her apartment in secret, but that might not be the only secret she's keeping. David enlists the help of Amy to get to the bottom of their mother’s secret life.

The Break-Up

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: August 08, 2012

After an unexpected kiss from Brandon, Amy is thrown. She questions her relationship with Jared, and everyone in the Robbins family gets involved to make matters worse. David and Jenn have trouble setting ground rules for their relationship.

Knocked Up

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: August 15, 2012

After her break up with Jared, Amy discovers that she’s pregnant… maybe. Before she can find out for sure, the news gets out and the whole family is abuzz. When Amy realizes she’s not actually pregnant, she has a harder time breaking the news than she thought.

The Proposal

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: August 22, 2012

Jared proposes to Amy, much to Brandon's dismay. But when Jared suggests they get married in two weeks, Brandon suspects Jared has ulterior motives. Amy and Elaine work together to pull off planning a wedding in two weeks. David discovers Brandon's suspicions of Jared were right after all. guest star: Melissa Peterman

My Best Friend's Wedding

Episode: Season 2 | Aired: August 29, 2012

On the day of Amy and Jared's wedding, Amy discovers Jared may only be marrying her to get his Green Card so he can stay in the country. When Brandon and Jared both make their true intentions known, Amy is forced to choose between them. guest star: Melissa Peterman