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Retired at 35

Josh McDermitt

Newcomer Josh McDermitt plays Brandon, the slacker best friend in the TV Land original sitcom Retired at 35. Ironically, McDermitt had a joke in his stand-up routine about a slacker living with his parents in a retirement community, so he was shocked when his agent asked him to read for a part that hit so close to home.

Growing up in big family of six children in Arizona, McDermitt was a natural prankster. He started his career in showbiz at the tender age of 14, and credits country star Billy Ray Cyrus for his start. At a bus stop on his way to school, McDermitt heard Cyrus' then-hit "Achy Breaky Heart" on the radio and decided to call in to a local radio station to make fun of the song. Afraid that his real voice would tell his age, McDermitt disguised his voice and took on the persona of a character named 'Cocko.' The DJs at the station were so amused that they asked him to call in again the next day. This became a regular habit for McDermitt, who would change the persona occasionally to keep it fresh. Each time, he was invited to call back, until one day he fessed up and told the DJs that all the people they had been speaking with regularly were indeed just him. The station's management quickly asked to meet him, but he was scared to reveal that he was only 14. Once McDermitt was in the doors, the KMLE program director realized the talent he had on his hands, and started teaching the teen the business. He received a place at the mic on the 5AM to 10AM morning show, and remained a regular on the "Tim and Willy Show" for over 14 years.

McDermitt continued to hone his comedic talents performing stand-up at various comedy clubs in Arizona, Las Vegas and Hollywood. He was a semi-finalist in Last Comic Standing and credits his mom's sarcasm as influential force in his stand-up career. He resides in Los Angeles.