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Murder, She Wrote

Bite the Big Apple

Episode: 155 | Aired: September 15, 1991

Finding an apartment to rent in New York can be murder. In this case the murder occurred before she arrived.

Night Fears

Episode: 156 | Aired: September 22, 1991

A former policeman, now a professor, challenges Jessica to a race to solve a series of muggings on campus, and the muggings soon escalate to murder.

Unauthorized Obituary

Episode: 157 | Aired: September 29, 1991

Plans to write an unauthorized biography come to a shocking conclusion when a TV set is dropped in the hot tub.

Thicker Than Water

Episode: 158 | Aired: October 06, 1991

When his younger brother Wayne, the family's black sheep, becomes chief suspect in the murder of his employer, Sherrif Metzger relies on Jessica to help him keep his perspective about the case.

Lines of Excellence

Episode: 159 | Aired: November 03, 1991

Teaching a computer class seems tame, but not when Jessica is one of the students.

Judge Not

Episode: 160 | Aired: November 10, 1991

The death of a rhythm and blues legend and subsequent murder of his bass player reopen the 20-year-old unsolved murder of the musician's wife.

Terminal Connection

Episode: 161 | Aired: November 17, 1991

Evidence points to the battered wife of a powerful businessman as his killer, but Jessica establishes that there is a ling list of suspects who wished him dead.

A Killing in Vegas

Episode: 162 | Aired: November 24, 1991

Jessica stakes her life on slim odds when she investigates a murder in Las Vegas.

The Committee

Episode: 163 | Aired: December 01, 1991

The governing committee of an exclusive men's club commissions Jessica to identify a rogue member's killer--who likely serves on the committee.

The List of Uri Lermentov

Episode: 164 | Aired: December 15, 1991

Chance possession of a secret intelligence document lands Jessica in the center of an international web of intrigue and murder.

Danse Diabolique

Episode: 165 | Aired: January 05, 1992

When a beautiful ballerina dies during her premiere performance in a new ballet, Jessica is convinced it is murder.

The Witch's Curse

Episode: 166 | Aired: January 12, 1992

The thespians of Cabot Cove put on a play about a 17th century woman who cursed the town before she was executed as a witch.

Incident in Lot 7

Episode: 167 | Aired: January 19, 1992

The Bates House of the movie, Psycho, is to be the setting of Jessica's book in the film made at Universal Studios.

The Monté Carlo Murders

Episode: 168 | Aired: February 02, 1992

Jessica is brought into the case of a murdered financier and the theft of his wife's diamonds in Monaco.

Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief

Episode: 169 | Aired: March 01, 1992

No one wants to believe that Jessica found a body in her hotel suite in London and they don't want her to believe it, either.

Ever After

Episode: 170 | Aired: March 08, 1992

A real life soap opera involves a soap star, her co-star, and the victim--her millionaire husband.

To the Last Will I Grapple With Thee

Episode: 171 | Aired: March 15, 1992

All of Jessica's intuitive and deductive skills are called into play when she sets out to clear a university colleague of a murder charge.

Programmed for Murder

Episode: 172 | Aired: April 05, 1992

There is something strange about a software expert's sudden death from bleeding ulcers that just doesn't compute.

Day of the Dead

Episode: 173 | Aired: April 26, 1992

The theft of a priceless artifact from Mexico City museum leads Jessica into a labyrinth of clues, where murder is the fact behind the Mask of Montezuma.

Angel of Death

Episode: 174 | Aired: May 03, 1992

While Jessica is in Carmel, California, consoling a well-known playwright haunted by his wife's suicide, another family member is murdered.

Badge of Honor

Episode: 175 | Aired: May 10, 1992

Jessica intervenes when a long-lost Army buddy of her friend Seth is accused of murder.

Murder On Madison Avenue

Episode: 176 | Aired: May 17, 1992

Jessica plays a real-life version of her own murder mystery board-game when the toy company she's working with becomes the scene of the crime.